Getting Started

  • Overview

    Start here if you are new to Cordova. Includes installation and next steps.
  • Installation

    Installing Cordova CLI
  • Creating an App

    Learn how to create your first Cordova hybrid app using Cordova CLI.

Cordova Projects

App Development



Security & Privacy

  • Security

    Information and tips for building a secure application.
  • Privacy

    Learn about important mobile privacy issues.
  • Allow List

    Securely grant an application access to external resources.

Plugin Development

  • Create a Plugin

    Develop your own Cordova plugin.
  • Use Plugman

    Manage plugins without the CLI when using the platform-centered workflow.

Support a Platform



  • Third-party Tools

    Additional tools that help developing Cordova apps created by the community
  • App Templates

    Learn how to find, use, and create templates in Cordova.
  • Next Steps

    A look at topics that new Cordova developers will encounter.


Advanced Topics