API Reference

  • Accelerometer

    Tap into the device's motion sensor.
  • Camera

    Capture a photo using the device's camera.
  • Capture

    Capture media files using device's media capture applications.
  • Compass

    Obtain the direction that the device is pointing.
  • Connection

    Quickly check the network state, and cellular network information.
  • Contacts

    Work with the devices contact database.
  • Device

    Gather device specific information.
  • Events

    Hook into native events through JavaScript.
  • File

    Hook into native file system through JavaScript.
  • Geolocation

    Make your application location aware.
  • Globalization

    Enable representation of objects specific to a locale.
  • InAppBrowser

    Launch URLs in another in-app browser instance.
  • Media

    Record and play back audio files.
  • Notification

    Visual, audible, and tactile device notifications.
  • Splashscreen

    Show and hide the applications splash screen.
  • Storage

    Hook into the devices native storage options.