These are some of people behind Apache Cordova

Darryl Pogue profile image

Darryl Pogue

PMC Member since Sept. 2016 and Web App developer

Building apps with Cordova since 2012, Darryl started contributing patches and bugfixes before joining as a committer in 2016. He's a self-described "Web Fanatic" who longs to see projects embrace the web platform. During his free time, he juggles too many unfinished side projects, along with hiking, amateur radio activities, and keeping up with browser developments.

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Bryan Ellis

PMC Member since July 2018

Was first introduced to Cordova in 2015 to build upon and maintain a cloud-based integrated development environment for building Cordova apps. At the same time supported Cordova plugins. Eventually became an Apache Cordova committer in 2018.

During free time, enjoys researching and experimenting with the latest programming features to see how it could be integrated with Cordova to improve the performance, simplify development, and decrease code snuff.

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Jesse MacFadyen

PMC Member since forever.

A PhoneGap contributor since day 1 and a Cordova committer since day 0. Jesse is part of a team at Adobe working on developer tooling to uniformly access multiple Adobe Experience Cloud APIs and services and extensibly enable the next generation of creative apps.

aka Project Firefly

Kenichi Naito (Ken) profile image

Kenichi Naito (Ken)

PMC Member since July 2018

Has first learned about Cordova in 2012 and has since been involved in hybrid app and plugin development and support. Joined PMC in 2018 and assists with development and testing.

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Niklas Merz

PMC Member since Dec. 2019 and plugin author

At his day job he works on a Cordova app that became very complex over years. Contributes to Apache and develops plugins mostly in his free time. Started contributing patches and became active in Cordova development after hitting the limits and finding OS bugs. Niklas mostly worked on the InAppBrowser plugin and cordova-ios but tries to help everywhere he can.

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Norman Breau

PMC Member since Aug. 2019

At his day job, he maintains road asset management software that runs on mobile devices powered by Cordova. During his free time he contributes to Apache by helping manage tickets, providing support on Apache Cordova Discussions, and providing patches when possible.