Getting Started with Symbian

Video Tutorials:

1. Requirements

  • Windows, OS X, or Linux

There are also QT for Symbian and Symbian with Sony Ericsson guides.

2. Install SDK + PhoneGap

  • Download and install cygwin (Windows only). Make sure you select "make" as it is not included by default
  • Download the latest copy of PhoneGap and extract its contents. We will be working with the Android directory.

3. Setup New Project

  • In cygwin, navigate to where you extracted PhoneGap and go into the Symbian directory

4. Hello World

  • Open up index.html located in phonegap/symbian/framework/www with your favourite editor.
  • In the body tag, remove the line "Build your phonegap app here! Dude!" and add the line <h1>[Hello World](../webos/index.html)</h1>
  • In cygwin/terminal, type make. This will produce phonegap-symbian.wrt/app.wgz.

5A. Deploy to Simulator

5B. Deploy to Device

  • Load the phonegap-symbian.wrt/app.wgz file into the device using bluetooth or email.


You can also checkout more detailed version of this guide here.