OS X Configuration

The config.xml file controls an app's basic settings that apply across each application and CordovaWebView instance. This section details preferences that only apply to OS X builds. See The config.xml File for information on global configuration options.


Name Default Version Comment
HideMousePointer disabled 4.0.0 Sets the timeout for hiding the mouse pointer
OSXLocalStoragePath ~/Library/Application Support/{bundle.id} 4.0.0 Sets the local storage path
WindowSize auto 4.0.0 Sets the size of the application window.
EnableWebGL false 4.0.0 Enables WebGL on the web view.



(integer, defaults to disabled) Idle duration in seconds after which the mouse pointer should be hidden. Set it to 0 for immediate.

Example: hide mouse pointer after 5 seconds:

<preference name="HideMousePointer" value="5"/>


(string, defaults to ~/Library/Application Support/{bundle.id}) Sets the directory for the local storage path.

Example: use custom path:

<preference name="OSXLocalStoragePath" value="~/.myapp/database"/>


(string, defaults to auto) Defines the size of the application window in the format WxH or the special values auto and fullscreen. The latter will open a borderless window spanning the entire desktop area. Please note, that this is different from the normal OS X fullscreen mode, which would never span multiple displays.

Example: set the window size to 800 x 400:

<preference name="WindowSize" value="800x400"/>

Note: The global cordova fullscreen preference is not supported.


(boolean, defaults to false) If set to true it enables WebGL on the webview.

Example: enable WebGL

<preference name="EnableWebGL" value="true" />