iOS Command-line Tools

The cordova command-line utility is a high-level tool that allows you to build applications across several platforms at once. An older version of the Cordova framework provides sets of command-line tools specific to each platform. To use them as an alternative to the CLI, you need to download this version of Cordova from The download contains separate archives for each platform. Expand the platform you wish to target. The tools described here are typically available in the top-level bin directory, otherwise consult the README file for more detailed directions.

The iOS command-line tools are built upon shell scripts and rely on Xcode command-line tools such as xcode-select and xcodebuild.

Create a project

Run the create command, specifying the existing path to the project, the reverse-domain-style package identifier, and the app's display name.

$ ./path/to/cordova-ios/bin/create /path/to/my_new_project com.example.project_name ProjectName

Build a project

$ /path/to/my_new_project/cordova/build

Run app on emulator

$ /path/to/my_new_project/cordova/run


$ /path/to/my_new_project/cordova/release


$ /path/to/my_new_project/cordova/log