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Media Plugin 5.0.4 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
25 Jan 2022

We are happy to announce that we have just released an update for Cordova Media Plugin (5.0.4)!

To upgrade:

cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-media
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-media@5.0.4

Release Highlights

  • Resolved Mounted Storage for Android 11

    Android 11 had deprecated the Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() API that caused issues with fetching and mounting to the external directory. In this release, we changed the API with context.getExternalFilesDir(null), the alternative suggested API for fetching and mounting with the external storage directory.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

  • GH-317 fix(android): get external files directory for Android 10+
  • GH-249 fix: #248 delete javascript reference to released media
  • GH-241 fix(types): Add type definition for getCurrentAmplitude
  • GH-283 refactor(eslint): use cordova-eslint /w fix

Chores & Deps:

  • GH-329 dep: bump @cordova/eslint-config@4.0.0 w/ fix & package-lock rebuild
  • GH-284 chore: adds package-lock file
  • GH-282 chore(npm): use short notation in package.json
  • GH-275 chore(npm): improve ignore list

CI & Tests:

  • GH-320 ci(ios): update workflow w/ iOS 15
  • GH-313 ci: add action-badge
  • GH-312 ci: remove travis & appveyor
  • GH-311 ci: add gh-actions workflows
  • GH-298 ci: add node-14.x to workflow
  • GH-292 ci(travis): update osx xcode image
  • GH-291 ci(travis): updates Android API level
  • GH-274 ci: updates Node.js versions
  • GH-318 test(browser): disable test cases w/ play() due to Chrome's Autoplay Policy