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Cordova CLI 11.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
21 Dec 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released a major update to our Cordova CLI!

In this CLI release, it will also be using the latest internal libraries and template:

Release Highlights

This release drops Nodejs 10 support. The minimum supported version which Cordova requires is 12.x.

In all releases, we have updated all npm packages to the possible latest release in which Cordova can support.

Cordova CLI 11.0.0:

In this release, we fixed an issue where users were unable to use Cordova CLI after upgrading their macOS environment to macOS Monterey. This issue was caused by one of the package dependencies, insight. The previous workaround was to reinstall Cordova CLI, but now this is no longer required with this release.

Cordova Lib 11.0.0:

We have bumped all platform pinnings to use the latest released platforms. This means new Cordova app projects will now use the latest major versions of the supported platforms.

  • cordova-android@^10.1.1
  • cordova-electron@^3.0.0
  • cordova-ios@^6.2.0

Cordova Create 4.0.0:

All new projects will now start with the newest App Hello World template.

Cordova App Hello World Template 6.0.0:

Please refer to the App Hello World Release Blog post for more details.

Please report any issues you find at!


The Apache Cordova team wishes you Happy Holidays and a good start for the new year.

Changes include:

Cordova CLI 11.0.0:

  • GH-575 chore: rebuilt package-lock.json
  • GH-574 dep: bump @cordova/eslint-config@^4.0.0
  • GH-573 dep: update insight w/ updated code usage
  • GH-572 dep: bump all dependencies
  • GH-570 feat: rebuilt package-lock.json w/ v2
  • GH-571 feat!: update node support
  • GH-564 chore: npmrc
  • GH-559 docs: remove plugin save command from CLI help
  • GH-550 dep: systeminformation@^5.5.0
  • GH-535 chore(pkg): remove deprecated no-op field preferGlobal
  • GH-534 chore: clean up package.json
  • GH-533 (android) Replace deprecated android command with avdmanager

Cordova Lib 11.0.0:

  • GH-889 bump(platform): bump Electron & Android to latest release
  • GH-890 chore: rebuild package-lock
  • GH-888 dep(dev)!: bump @cordova/eslint-config@^4.0.0 w/ fix
  • GH-887 dep!: update dependencies
  • GH-873 ci: switch to GitHub Actions
  • GH-884 chore!: drop support for Node.js 10

Cordova Create 4.0.0:

  • GH-68 dep!: update all dependencies
    • cordova-app-hello-world@^6.0.0
    • cordova-common@^4.0.2
    • cordova-fetch@^3.0.1
  • GH-67 chore: clean up package.json
  • GH-66 ci: add node 14 to workflow