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Template 6.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
31 Oct 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released a major update to our template!

Release Highlights

In this release, we have removed the deprecated cordova-plugin-whitelist from the default template. The functionality of the plugin was integrated into the core of Cordova Android since version 10.0.0.

If you create a new Cordova project and use an older version of Cordova Android (<10), you will need to add the cordova-plugin-whitelist plugin.

Additionally, Cordova has removed the excessive access and allow-intent settings from the default config.xml file. Previously, the default template assumed what defaults users needed, but not all user apps required these settings.

Removing these excessive defaults will help promote a more secure application by default, reduce the default project configurations to a bare minimum, and promote an opt-in approach for defining access permissions.

Existing projects are not affected by these changes. The default template is used only during the initial project creation.

Changes include:

  • GH-73 cleanup!(config.xml): simplify defaults
  • GH-67 chore(ios): remove gap from CSP
  • GH-66 chore!: remove whitelist plugin & reference