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Cordova Lib 10.1.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
08 Oct 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released cordova-lib 10.1.0!

Release Highlights

In this minor release, we have introduced various improvements and fixes. The most notable changes within this release are:

  • Updated the platform pinning to the latest minor/patch releases:
    • cordova-ios@^6.2.0
    • cordova-android@^9.1.0
    • cordova-electron@^1.1.1
  • Fixed the restore process to ensure that the correct pinned platform versions in package.json are reinstalled.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • GH-885 feat: bump platform pinning
  • GH-860 feat(cordova/util): support loading platform API from node_modules


  • GH-880 fix(restore-util): properly support long and short platform names
  • GH-874 fix: Platforms restored from both dev and normal dependencies.
  • GH-871 fix: remove undeclared dependency on underscore
  • GH-856 fix(cordova/util): version detection for legacy platforms

Chores & Refactor Changes:

  • GH-886 chore: update dependencies w/ package-lock rebuild & test update
  • GH-881 chore: npmrc
  • GH-879 chore: package-lock update
  • GH-858 chore: clean up package.json
  • GH-882 refactor(addHelper): more concise package.json spec lookup

CI, Test & Doc Changes:

  • GH-862 ci: add node-14.x to workflow
  • GH-870 test(plugin.spec): fix version change in test fixture
  • GH-865 test(pkgJson): make expectations work for npm 5 to 7
  • GH-864 test(pkgJson): fix test after release of geolocation plugin v4.1.0
  • GH-855 test: fix missing stack traces in jasmine output
  • GH-853 test: unit test deprecated platforms
  • GH-877 docs: correct linter command in README