BlackBerry 10 Configuration

The config.xml file controls an app's basic settings that apply across each application and CordovaWebView instance. This section details preferences that only apply to BlackBerry 10 builds. See The config.xml File for information on global configuration options.

  • ChildBrowser (disable or the default enable): Disables child browser windows. By default, apps launch a secondary browser window to display resources accessed via or by specifying a _blank anchor target. Specify disable to override this default behavior.
    <preference name="ChildBrowser" value="disable"/>
  • PopupBlocker (enable or the default disable): Enables the popup blocker, which prevents calls to By default, popups display in a child browser window. Setting the preference to enable prevents it from displaying at all.
    <preference name="PopupBlocker" value="enable"/>
  • WebSecurity (disable or the default enable): Set to disable to override web security settings, allowing access to remote content from unknown sources. This preference is intended as a development convenience only, so remove it before packaging the app for distribution. For the released app, all URIs should be known and whitelisted using the <access> element, described in the Domain Whitelist Guide.
    <preference name="WebSecurity" value="disable"/>