Platform Guides

Before developing for any of the platforms listed below, install cordova's command-line interface (CLI). (For details, see The Command-Line Interface.)

To develop Cordova applications, you must install SDKs for each mobile platform you are targeting. This installation is necessary regardless of whether you do the majority of your work in the SDK or use the CLI for your build cycle.

Each Platform Guide listed below tells you what you need to know to set up each platform's development environment: where to obtain the SDK, how to set up device emulators, how to connect devices for direct testing, and how to manage signing key requirements. Additional guides provide information on each platform's unique set of configuration options, instructions to add plugins, how to upgrade each platform, and platform-specific command-line tools that serve as a lower-level alternative to the cordova command-line utility.

Amazon Fire OS


BlackBerry 10

Firefox OS



Windows Phone 8