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Cordova CLI 11.1.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
16 Jan 2023

We are happy to announce that we have just released a minor update to our Cordova CLI!

This release also pins our internal libraries to the latest releases:

Release Highlights

This release officially appends the deprecation flag to the Windows & OSX platforms on the available platforms output screen.

We have updated our internal process to pass all of the XML attribute values in config.xml to the platform packages so we can easily update the platforms without updating tooling and CLI.

We have updated all possible npm packages to the latest non-major release that Cordova can support.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

Cordova CLI 11.1.0:

  • GH-603 dep: bump to latest minor+patch w/ package-lock rebuild
    • cordova-common@^4.1.0
    • cordova-create@^4.1.0
    • cordova-lib@^11.1.0
    • systeminformation@^5.17.3
  • GH-599 chore: remove unnecessary gendered text
  • GH-600 ci: update codecov & run on node 14-18
  • GH-587 dep(npm): bump packages to latest minor/patch revisions w/ package-lock

Cordova Lib 11.1.0:

  • GH-904 dep(npm): bump cordova-fetch@3.1.0 w/ package-lock rebuild
  • GH-901 feat: bump dependencies to latest minor & patch revision
    • fs-extra@^10.1.0
    • globby@^11.1.0
    • semver@^7.3.8
    • cordova-android@10.1.2
    • jasmine@^3.99.0
  • GH-899 feat: bump cordova-common@4.1.0
  • GH-852 feat(windows): deprecate platform
  • GH-851 feat(osx): deprecate platform

Cordova Create 4.1.0:

  • GH-73 dep(npm): bump dependencies to latest minor/patch & rebuild package-lock
    • cordova-common@^4.1.0
    • cordova-fetch@^3.1.0
    • fs-extra@^10.1.0
    • globby@^11.1.0
    • jasmine@^3.99.0
  • GH-74 ci(workflow): update node support & action dependencies

Cordova Fetch 3.1.0:

  • GH-101 ci(workflow): update node 14 to use npm ^7.2
  • GH-100 ci(workflow): update action dependencies & node versions
  • GH-98 dep(npm): bump w/ latetst minor & patch releases
    • cordova-common@^4.1.0
    • fs-extra@^9.1.0
    • npm-package-arg@^8.1.5
    • pacote@^11.3.5
    • resolve@^1.22.1
    • semver@^7.3.8
    • jasmine@^3.99.0
    • nyc@^15.1.0
  • GH-97 chore(npm): rebuilt package-lock to v2
  • GH-94 ci(workflow): replace node 15 with node 16 (npm@7)
  • GH-93 chore(npm): update package-lock