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File Plugin 7.0.0 & Device Plugin 2.1.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
11 Apr 2022

We are happy to announce that we have just released an update for cordova-plugin-file & cordova-plugin-device!

To upgrade:

cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-file
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file@7.0.0

cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-device
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device@2.1.0

Release Highlights


For Android, a WebViewAssetLoader proxy handler has been added to support loading cdvfile URLs while using a custom scheme. It is recommended to use the toURL method to fetch the consumable URL. When the app is served from the http or https protocol, the toURL will return the appropriate consumable cdvfile URL. If the app is used from the file protocol, toURL will return the native file URL.


Electron native support has been added.

For Android, the sdkVersion property is now included on the window.device object, and returned within the getInfo response object.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • GH-519 chore!: removed old platform code & lint cleanup
  • GH-517 fix(android): support cdvfile assets for custom scheme
  • GH-516 fix(android): create toURL override to preserve other platforms
  • GH-487 fix(android): Request external read permission when listing external directories
  • GH-513 feat(android): add WebViewAssetLoader proxy handler for cdvfile
  • GH-490 chore: npmrc
  • GH-489 fix: Brought back the return statement
  • GH-470 fix: Remove test log
  • GH-447 fix(browser): typo in preparing.js
  • GH-439 chore: Require Android 9
  • GH-433 refactor(android): Removed obsolete copyResource function
  • GH-417 fix(android): Use legacy storage


  • GH-167 feat(ios): detect if app is running on a macOS desktop with Apple Silicon
  • GH-157 feat(android): getInfo response to include sdkVersion
  • GH-152 fix(osx): rename classes to fix plugin
  • GH-135 feat(electron): add support
  • GH-109 Log error to console, not to dialog box