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Cordova Android 10.1.2 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
15 Apr 2022

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Android 10.1.2! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Android applications.

Release Highlights

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android@10.1.2

To install:

cordova platform add android@10.1.2

The notable fixes in this release are to detect the JAVA_HOME environment variable with Java 11, properly escape the app's name, and explicitly define the android:exported attribute on the activity.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • GH-1372 fix(AndroidManifest): explicitly define the activity attribute android:exported
  • GH-1406 fix: detect JAVA_HOME with Java 11
  • GH-1401 fix(GH-1391): Reword minimum build tools version to make it more clear what is actually required.
  • GH-1384 fix: escape strings.xml app name