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Cordova-Common Release
03 Jan 2019

We are happy to announce that cordova-common 3.1.0 was released in January 2019. This is one of the libraries used behind-the-scenes by nearly all of the Cordova tooling and provides utilities for dealing with things like config.xml parsing.

Release Highlights

As NodeJS 4.x support has been dropped by the NodeJS team on April 30th, 2018, we have raised the minimum required NodeJS version for this release to 6.x.

Please report any issues you find at!

The purpose of this release is to use real singleton objects as needed. Here are the major changes:

  • Cordova events singleton object, using a real class (#60)
  • Refactor CordovaLogger to singleton class (#53)

cordova-common 3.0.0 release highlights

Here are the major changes from the cordova-common 3.0.0 release which was not announced before:

  • Add PluginInfo.getPodSpecs method (#48)
  • CB-13685 Android: Update ConfigParser for Adaptive Icons (#26)
  • CB-14099 osx: Fixed Resolve Config Path for OSX (#32)
  • CB-14108 fix incorrect count in config_munge in ios.json and android.json (#24)
  • CB-13496 Fix greedy regex in plist_helpers (#45)
  • CB-12016 Removed cordova-registry-mapper dependency (#33)
  • CB-14166 Use cross-spawn for platform-independent spawning (#50)
  • CB-14064 Drop support for Node.js version 4 (#15)