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Tools Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
25 Dec 2018

We are happy to announce that we have just released an update to our tools!

Release Highlights

As NodeJS 4.x support has been dropped by the NodeJS team on April 30th, 2018, we have raised the minimum required NodeJS version for this release to 6.x.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • GH-24 Absorb cordova-template-reference
  • Slight CSS modernization & use system fonts
  • CB-12886: Fix for safe-area handling on iOS 11+
  • CB-14098: Remove unused res folder
  • CB-12397: fix .gitignore for plugins & platforms
  • CB-12762: point package.json repo items to github instead of apache mirrors site


  • GH-56 Bump dependency cordova-common@3 and fs-extra@7
  • GH-48 Added test coverage
  • GH-49 Drop Q usage for native promises
  • GH-50 Handle broken NODE_PATH setups gracefully
  • GH-44 Look for node_modules in any recursive parent directory
  • GH-26 CB-14173: Fix cordova <platform|plugin> add --link
  • GH-24 CB-14133: Avoid fetching already installed packages
  • GH-23 CB-14140: Remove shelljs
  • GH-18 Simplify installation location retrieval
  • GH-22 Handle missing options
  • GH-21 CB-14066: Drop support for Node 4
  • CB-13503: fix trimID bug when using file:path/to/plugin
  • GH-12 Enabling support for git+http



  • GH-14 CB-14198: (all) Fix bug when running simulate --target= under non-US Windows 10
  • GH-15 Don't restore mocked resource prior to resolution
  • GH-13 Dependency updates & replacing shelljs with which
  • GH-12 CB-14069: Drop Node 4, Add Node 10 Support
  • GH-10 CB-14191: (android) Fix bug with module requiring