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Cordova-lib Release
05 Oct 2018

We are happy to announce that cordova-lib 8.1.1 was released in October 2018.

Release Highlights

The purpose of this release is to resolve possible dependency breakage that was introduced in version 8.1.0, as reported in GH-706. Here are the important changes:

  • GH-708 reintroduce xcode dependency to to avoid breaking plugins such as branch-cordova-sdk before next major release
  • GH-708 reintroduce other dependencies that were dropped in version 8.1.0 to better ensure that any other plugins or applications using requireCordovaModule would not be broken by a minor release upgrade

Deprecation Note

As NodeJS 4.x support ended on April 30th, 2018, we are proceeding with our previously announced deprecation timeline. This is probably the last release that will support NodeJS 4.x.