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Cordova-Common@2.1.0 Released!
05 Sep 2017

We just released some changes to cordova-common!

Release Highlights:

  • Support added for <config-file> in config.xml.
  • allows-arbitrary-loads-for-media attribute parsing added for getAccesses.
  • Added variable replacing the framework tag.
  • JSON uses 2 spaces for indentation.

Watch for this release to start rolling into upcoming platform and cordova-cli releases.

Changes include:


  • CB-13145 Added variable replacing the framework tag.
  • CB-13211 Added allows-arbitrary-loads-for-media attribute parsing for getAccesses.
  • CB-11968 Added support for <config-file> in config.xml.
  • CB-12895 Set up eslint and removed jshint.
  • CB-12785 Added .gitignore, travis, and appveyor support.
  • CB-12250 & CB-12409 iOS: Fixed bug with escaping properties from plist file.
  • CB-12762 Updated common, fetch, and serve pkgJson to point pkgJson repo items to github mirrors.
  • CB-12766 Consistently write JSON with 2 spaces indentation.