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Tools Released!
23 Jan 2017

New updates of our tools are now available!

To update your cordova CLI:

npm install -g cordova@latest

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • CB-12018: updated jshint and updated jasmine tests to work with jasmine instead of jasmine-node
  • CB-12314: updated pinned cordova-android to 6.1.1
  • CB-12261: fix subdirectories deprecated warning always shows and stop fetch caused by CB-11979
  • CB-12284: Include project root as additional root for static router
  • CB-12088: Fix misleading warning when adding platform without Api.js


  • CB-12018: updated tests to function with jasmine instead of jasmine-node


  • CB-12358: Updated cordova-lib dependency.



  • CB-8978: Add resource-file parsing to config.xml
  • CB-12018: updated jshint and updated tests to work with jasmine@2 instead of jasmine-node
  • CB-12163: Add reference attrib to resource-file for Windows
  • Move windows-specific logic to cordova-windows
  • CB-12189: Add implementation attribute to framework


  • CB-12358: updated cordova-common dep for cordova-fetch to 2.0.0


  • change event from warn to verbose
  • Add github pull request template