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Plugins Release
09 Feb 2016

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-plugin file@4.1.1
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.3.0
  • cordova-plugin-media@2.2.0
  • cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.1.1
  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen@3.2.0
  • cordova-plugin-wkwebviewengine@1.0.2

You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.

E.g. To update your media plugin:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-media --save
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-media@2.2.0 --save

Changes include:

cordova-plugin file@4.1.1

  • Edit package.json license to match SPDX id
  • CB-10419 cordova-plugin-file 4.0.0 error with browserify workflow


  • CB-3360 Set custom inappbrowser user agent for Android
  • CB-10538 cordova-plugin-inappbrowser timeout issue
  • CB-10395 InAppBrowser's WebView not storing cookies reliable on Android
  • Edit package.json license to match SPDX id
  • CB-10305 Gray bar appears in the wrong place on iOS
  • CB-7786 Support mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction on Android
  • CB-7500 executeScript with callback kills/blurs inAppBrowser window on Android


  • CB-10476 Fix problem where callbacks were not invoked on Android due to messageChannel being overridden by callbackContext in every execute() call
  • Edit package.json license to match SPDX id
  • CB-10455 Android: Adding permission helper to remove cordova-android 5.0.0 constraint
  • CB-57 Updated to use avplayer when url starts with http:// or https:// for full streaming support
  • CB-8222 Background thread on play to prevent locking during initial load of media


  • CB-10102 The removeObserver code was wrong and it might crash on plugin deallocation


  • CB-10422 Splashscreen displays black screen with no image on Android
  • CB-10412 AutoHideSplashScreen "false" isn't taken in account on iOS
  • CB-9516 Android SplashScreen - Spinner Does Not Display
  • CB-9094 Smarter autohide logic on Android
  • CB-8396 Add AutoHideSplashScreen logic to Android's Splashscreen


  • CB-10269 - Replace cordova exec only when present in wkwebview
  • CB-10202 - Add README quirk about WKWebview does not work with the AllowInlineMediaPlayback preference