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Cordova OSX 4.0.0
16 Feb 2016

We are happy to announce that Cordova OSX 4.0.0 has been released! This was a much needed updated to get cordova-osx working with the cordova-cli. Try it out!

Add it to your projects via:

cordova platform add osx@4.0.0

What's new in OSX platform

  • CB-10570 Compilation error on case sensitive filesystem
  • CB-6789 OSX - Fix header licenses (Apache RAT report).
  • Update CDVBridge.m
  • CB-10308 Unable to parse multi dimensional arrays with more than 2 levels
  • CB-10238 Move device-plugin out from cordovalib to the plugin repository
  • CB-9818 Reloading the webview in OSX looses the CordovaBridgeUti
  • CB-10198 Prompt submission bug
  • CB-10085 Implement and expose PlatformApi for OSX
  • CB-10099 OSX copy-paste not possible in own windows
  • CB-10087 OSX facilitate easy preferences menu item handling
  • CB-10084 OSX (re)move connectivity in favour of cordova-plugin-network-information
  • CB-6789 OSX Fix header licenses
  • CB-9584 OSX add config to enable webview debug menu
  • simple: CDV.h is not exported
  • CB-9925 Add basic tests to OSX platform
  • CB-9818 Reloading the webview in OSX looses the CordovaBridgeUtil
  • CB-9692 OSX cordova.exec is not available
  • CB-9581 OSX WebView does not send cookies is safari cache is cleared
  • Fullscreen windows does not properly get focused
  • fix plugin argument calls
  • CB-9541 Add preferences to put app into "kiosk mode"
  • escape __PROJECT_NAME__ with quotes in project file
  • replace __PROJECT_NAME__ also in config.xml and controller strings
  • CB-9517 Adding a plugin on iOS/OSX that uses a private framework does not work
  • CB-8417 moved platform specific js into platform
  • CB-6789 Add license to
  • Updated docs link in README to use apache link, not the redirect.
  • CB-6567 Adding the OSX platform also copies over the CordovaLibTests
  • CB-6560: added top level package.json file
  • CB-6491 add

Plugins Release
09 Feb 2016 - By Vladimir Kotikov

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin file@4.1.1 cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.3.0 cordova-plugin-media@2.2.0 cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.1.1 cordova-plugin-splashscreen@3.2.0...


Cordova Android 5.1.1
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