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Plugins Release
19 Jan 2016

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-plugin-camera@2.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-contacts@2.0.1
  • cordova-plugin-device@1.1.1
  • cordova-plugin-file@4.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-file-transfer@1.5.0
  • cordova-plugin-geolocation@2.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.2.0
  • cordova-plugin-media@2.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-media-capture@1.2.0
  • cordova-plugin-network-information@1.2.0
  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen@3.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-test-framework@1.1.1
  • cordova-plugin-vibration@2.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-whitelist@1.2.1

You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.

E.g. To update your camera plugin:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera --save
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera --save

Changes include:


  • added .ratignore
  • CB-10319 Android Adding reflective helper methods for permission requests
  • CB-9189 Android Implementing save/restore API to handle Activity destruction
  • CB-10241 App Crash cause by Camera Plugin iOS 7
  • CB-8940 Setting z-index values to maximum for UI buttons.


  • CB-10159 Android Adding restore callback to handle Activity destruction
  • CB-10319 Android Adding reflective helper methods for permission requests
  • CB-10117 Added new tests
  • CB-10131 Fixed null contact creation.
  • CB-10053 Documents ContactFieldType enumeration.
  • CB-10148 Android Added READ_CONTACTS permission request when picking a contact
  • CB-10053 Accept assets URIs for contact photos
  • CB-8115 Save contact birthday properly
  • CB-6979 Don't create duplicates for extracted contacts photos
  • CB-5308 Makes contacts save specs passing
  • CB-5308 Return rawId instead of id when modifying existing contact
  • CB-4921 Corrects examples by adding missing multiple option where multiple contacts are expected
  • CB-10094 Android Fixed empty string comparison
  • CB-3950 Adds support for custom labels
  • CB-9770 Request user permissions before picking a contact
  • CB-8156 Call error callback on pickContact cancellation
  • CB-7906 Prevent app crash when desiredFields option has undefined items
  • CB-7021 Adds manual test for pickContact


  • CB-10238 OSX Move device-plugin out from cordovalib to the plugin repository
  • CB-9923 Update device.platform documentation for Browser platform


  • added .ratignore file
  • CB-10319 android Adding reflective helper methods for permission requests
  • CB-10023 Fix proxy not found error on Chrome.
  • CB-8863 ios Fix block usage of self


  • CB-10208 Fix file-transfer multipart form data upload format on Windows
  • CB-9837 Add data URI support to file-transfer upload on iOS
  • CB-9600 FileUploadOptions params not posted on iOS
  • CB-9840 Fallback file-transfer uploadResponse encoding to latin1 in case not encoded with UTF-8 on iOS
  • CB-9840 Fallback file-transfer upload/download response encoding to latin1 in case not encoded with UTF-8 on iOS
  • CB-8641 Windows Phone 8.1 Some file-transfer plugin tests occasionally fail in mobilespec
  • Adding linting and fixing linter warnings. Reducing timeouts to 7 seconds.
  • CB-10100 updated file dependency to not grab new majors
  • CB-7006 Empty file is created on file transfer if server response is 304
  • CB-10098 filetransfer.spec.33 is faulty
  • CB-9969 Filetransfer upload error deletes original file
  • CB-10088 filetransfer spec.10 and spec.11 test is faulty
  • CB-9969 Filetransfer upload error deletes original file
  • CB-10086 There are two spec.31 tests for file-transfer tests
  • CB-10037 Add progress indicator to file-transfer manual tests
  • CB-9563 Mulptipart form data is used even a header named Content-Type is present
  • CB-8863 fix block usage of self


  • CB-10319 Android Adding reflective helper methods for permission requests
  • CB-8523 Fixed accuracy when enableHighAccuracy: false on iOS.
  • CB-10286 Don't skip automatic tests on Android devices
  • CB-10277 Error callback should be called w/ PositionError when location access is denied
  • CB-10285 Added tests for PositionError constants
  • CB-10278 geolocation watchPosition doesn't return watchID string
  • CB-8443 Android nothing happens if GPS is turned off
  • CB-10204 Fix getCurrentPosition options on Android
  • CB-7146 Remove built-in WebView navigator.geolocation manual tests
  • CB-2845 PositionError constants not attached to prototype as specified in W3C document


  • CB-8180: Changing methods of interception in WebViewClient class
  • CB-10009 Improve InAppBrowser toolbar look and feel on Windows
  • Open a new window on the Browser platform


  • Fixed example referencing non-existent variable
  • CB-9452: Treat RTSP streams as remote URLs
  • add JIRA issue tracker link
  • fix CB-9884 & CB-9885
  • CB-10100 updated file dependency to not grab new majors
  • Fix block usage of self


  • CB-10100 updated file dependency to not grab new majors
  • CB-8863 Fix block usage of self


  • Adding CoreTelephony to plugin.xml
  • Adding notification for CT radio information
  • Adding CT radio information
  • CB-10160: Fixed the case mismatch issue


  • CB-9538 Implementing FadeSplashScreen feature for Android
  • CB-9240 Cordova splash screen plugin iPad landscape mode issue
  • CB-10263 Fix splashscreen plugin filenames for Asset Catalog
  • CB-9374 Android add SplashShowOnlyFirstTime as preference
  • CB-10244 Don't rotate the iPhone 6 Plus splash
  • CB-9043 Fix the ios splashscreen being deformed on orientation change
  • CB-10079 Splashscreen plugin does not honor SplashScreenDelay on iOS
  • CB-10231 Fix FadeSplashScreen to default to true on iOS


  • CB-9513 Allow to show/hide status bar in fullscreen mode.
  • CB-8720 Fix status bar position when app started upside down on iOS 7.
  • CB-10118 Fixes plugin loading error for Browser platform



  • CB-9365 Add support for 'vibrateWithPattern' to Windows Phone 8.1 / Windows 10


  • CB-10194 info tag prints for ios when not applicable