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Cordova Android 5.1.0
24 Jan 2016

We are happy to announce that Cordova Android 5.1.0 has been released.

This update introduces a new API for Android plugin authors. Plugins that launch external activities can now better handle method calls on devices that are low on memory. In that scenario, the Android OS will sometimes kill the Cordova Activity when it is pushed into the background by the external Activity. This causes the plugin to lose any callbacks they have pending in the javascript. The new API allows the results of external Activity calls to be delivered via the resume event that is fired in the javascript after the Cordova Activity is destroyed and recreated. Plugin authors wishing to implement the new API should read the updated plugin guide here.

Two core plugins support this new API and have been updated to fix longstanding bugs:

  • cordova-plugin-camera@2.1.0 (fixes CB-9189)
  • cordova-plugin-contacts@2.0.1 (fixes CB-10159)

Application authors are encouraged to update both their plugin and cordova-android versions to take advantage of these bug fixes. Please note that the aforementioned fixes require changes to your application as well. More information can be found in the READMEs of each of those plugins and in the new Android lifecycle guide that has been published to the Cordova documentation. This guide provides explanations and guidance on how to handle low memory scenarios on the Android platform as well as integrate the new resume APIs into your application.

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update android@5.1.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add android@5.1.0

What's new in Android platform

  • CB-10386 Add android.useDeprecatedNdk=true to support NDK in gradle
  • CB-8864: Fixing this to mitigate CB-8685 and CB-10104
  • CB-10105: Spot fix for tilde errors on paths.
  • Update theme to Theme.DeviceDefault.NoActionBar
  • CB-10014: Set gradle applicationId to package name.
  • CB-9949: Fixing menu button event not fired in Android
  • CB-9479: Fixing the conditionals again, we should
  • CB-8917: New Plugin API for passing results on resume after Activity destruction
  • CB-9971 Suppress gradlew _JAVA_OPTIONS output during build
  • CB-9836 Add .gitattributes to prevent CRLF line endings in repos
  • added node_modules back into .gitignore

Plugins Release
19 Jan 2016 - By Steve Gill

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin-camera@2.1.0 cordova-plugin-contacts@2.0.1 cordova-plugin-device@1.1.1 cordova-plugin-file@4.1.0 cordova-plugin-file-transfer@1.5.0 cordova-plugin-geolocation@2.1.0...


Cordova 6.0.0 Released!
28 Jan 2016 - By Steve Gill

New versions of cordova tools are now live! cordova-lib@6.0.0 cordova@6.0.0 plugman@1.1.0 cordova-js@4.1.3...