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Cordova Android 9.1.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
13 Apr 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Android 9.1.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Android mobile applications.

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android@9.1.0

Release Highlights

In this minor release, there are various refactoring and bug fixes. Additionally, there were a few new features.

Some of the new feature highlights are:

  • Added Custom Gradle Repositories Support

    Sometimes there are third-party libraries that do not exist in the repositories that we have defined. With this feature, developers now have an easier way to override the default repository list that we have defined in the Gradle build scripts.

    Additionally, as JFrog is sunsetting the JCenter repository, developers can remove it, at their own risk. Since this a minor release, we have not removed JCenter as one of the default repositories as it would be considered a breaking change.

  • Support webp Images for SplashScreen

    Previously we only supported png file formats for splash screens as webp support was only introduced starting from API 17. Since cordova-android@9.x minimum SDK version was raised to 22, the introduction of webp support became possible.

    webp file formats are known to support transparency and provide the same or similar quality as png files, but its greatest benefit is that it can reduce the image file size by around 25%.

Please report any issues you find at!

Full Changelog


  • GH-1104 feat: support gzip encoding requests & use GZIPInputStream
  • GH-1167 feat: handle intent:// scheme links with browser_fallback_url param
  • GH-1179 feat: add repositories support
  • GH-1173 feat(android-studio): display app name as project name
  • GH-1113 feat: webp support for splashscreen
  • GH-1125 feat(Adb): list devices and emulators in one go


  • GH-1186 fix: copy repositories.gradle to project on create
  • GH-1184 fix: unit-test failure
  • GH-733 fix(splashscreen): nav & title bar showing in fullscreen mode
  • GH-1157 fix: restore key event handlers when DOM element is fullscreen
  • GH-1073 fix(android): Avoid Crash Report: ConcurrentModificationException
  • GH-1148 fix: add not null checks to prevent running on destroyed activity
  • GH-1091 fix: concurrent modification exception (#924)
  • GH-1153 fix: optional arch parameter
  • GH-1136 fix(prepare): mapImageResources always returning []
  • GH-1111 fix(android): allow file access for existing behavior
  • GH-1045 fix: Reflect minimum required NodeJS
  • GH-1084 fix(prepare): fix pattern used to collect image resources
  • GH-1014 fix(pluginHandlers): properly check if path is inside another
  • GH-1018 fix: gradle ignore properties
  • GH-1185 fix(regression): Cannot read version of undefined caused by Java refactor
  • GH-1117 fix: allow changing min sdk version


  • GH-1101 refactor: unify target resolution for devices & emulators
  • GH-1130 refactor: java checks
  • GH-1099 refactor(ProjectBuilder): clean up output file collection code
  • GH-1123 refactor: unify installation on devices & emulators
  • GH-1102 refactor(check_reqs): cleanup default Java location detection on Windows
  • GH-1103 refactor: do not kill adb on UNIX-like systems
  • GH-1086 refactor(retry): simplify retryPromise using modern JS
  • GH-1085 refactor(utils): reduce number of utils
  • GH-1046 refactor: Stop suppressing un-needed TruelyRandom lints
  • GH-1016 refactor: save ProjectBuilder instance in Api instance
  • GH-1108 refactor: remove copied Adb.install from emulator.install


  • GH-1196 chore: add missing header license
  • chore(asf): Update GitHub repo metadata
  • GH-1183 chore: rebuilt package-lock
  • GH-1015 chore: remove unnecessary stuff
  • GH-1081 chore(pkg): remove deprecated no-op field "engineStrict"
  • GH-1019 chore: remove unused emulator.create_image and its dependencies

Tests & CI:

  • GH-1017 test(java): fix, improve and move clean script
  • GH-1012 test: fix missing stack traces in jasmine output
  • GH-1013 test(pluginHandlers/common): better setup & teardown
  • GH-1094 test: fix unit test failures for certain random orders
  • GH-1094 test: ensure single top-level describe block in test file
  • GH-1129 test(java): remove duplicate code in BackButtonMultipageTest
  • GH-975 ci: Added Node 14.x