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Cordova iOS 5.1.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
25 Nov 2019

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova iOS 5.1.0! This is Cordova's official platform for building iOS mobile applications.

Release Highlights

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove ios
cordova platform add ios@5.1.0

The most notable improvements in this minor release are:

  • The ability to disable UIWebView during the compile-time.
  • Avoid locking when adding platforms on a non-synced pods repo. (CocoaPods >=1.8.0)
  • Bumped the minDeploymentTarget to 10.0 in Podfile.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

  • GH-719 Add check for newer versions of cocoapods to avoid locking adding platforms on non synced pods repo
  • GH-715 feat: add optional compile-time decision for disabling UIWebView
  • GH-712 Update Xcode versions used in CI to latest minor release
  • GH-710 Lint everything
  • GH-614 Don't use whitespace as an indent indicator
  • GH-704 Reuse common xcodebuild arguments in npm scripts
  • GH-705 Let Jasmine handle async test results
  • GH-703 Reduce verbosity of xcodebuild output during tests
  • GH-702 Fix, simplify and improve tests
  • GH-695 fix: Support all valid SemVer syntax in version comparison helper
  • GH-608 chore: add Node.js 12 to CI services
  • GH-650 fix(build.json): spacing in error message and missing path in log
  • GH-646 tmp@0.1 update in devDependencies
  • GH-635 Bump default minDeploymentTarget to 10.0 in Podfile
  • GH-632 Update jasmine & fix broken tests
  • GH-622 Remove outdated component/duo package manager package definition