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Cordova Common 3.2.1 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
05 Nov 2019

We are happy to announce that cordova-common 3.2.1 was released in November 2019. This is one of the libraries used behind-the-scenes by nearly all of the Cordova tooling and provides utilities for dealing with things like config.xml parsing.

Release Highlights

The most notable changes in this patch release are:

  • Added the .jsproj extension as an XML allowed extension to be editable by the config-file tag.
  • Reverted GH-24 which caused permissions, defined by the plugin's plugin.xml, not to be added.

Changes include:

  • GH-78 (windows) Add .jsproj as file extension for XML files (GH-62)
  • GH-89 revert: (GH-24) CB-14108 fix incorrect count in config_munge
  • GH-82 General cleanup with eslint updates
  • GH-86 eslint cleanup fixes: operator-linebreak
  • GH-81 remove no-throw-literal lint exception not needed
  • GH-83 Fix ESLint violations where applicable
  • GH-80 Update to jasmine 3.4 & fix resulting spec failures
  • GH-79 Promise handling cleanup in specs
  • GH-77 Do not ignore AppVeyor failures on Node.js 12