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Cordova CLI 9.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
22 Mar 2019

We are happy to announce that we have just released cordova 9.0.0!

To upgrade:

npm uninstall -g cordova
npm install -g cordova@9.0.0

Release Highlights

In addition to various improvements and fixes, this release has updated its core library.

All of the latest platform releases are available by default.

  • cordova-android@^8.0.0
  • cordova-browser@^6.0.0
  • cordova-electron@^1.0.0
  • cordova-ios@^5.0.0
  • cordova-osx@^5.0.0
  • cordova-windows@^7.0.0

Additionally, Cordova Electron, one of the newest supported platfroms, is available!

This release has also deprecated the browserify, fetch, and copy-from options.

As NodeJS 4.x support has been dropped by the NodeJS team on April 30th, 2018, we have raised the minimum required NodeJS version for this release to 6.x.

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

  • GH-414 Cordova CLI Release Preparation (Cordova 9)
    • Bumped Dependencies
      • cordova-lib@^9.0.0
      • cordova-common@^3.1.0
      • editor@^1.0.0 (Prepended ^ only)
      • loud-rejection@^2.0.0
    • Bumped Dev Dependencies
      • jasmine@^3.3.1
      • eslint-plugin-promise@^4.0.1
      • eslint-plugin-node@^8.0.1
      • eslint-plugin-import@^2.16.0
      • eslint-config-standard@^12.0.0
      • eslint-config-semistandard@^13.0.0
      • eslint@^5.15.2
    • Fix logger[level] spy in Jasmine
  • GH-397 Update Node.js Deprecation Notice Message
  • GH-395 Fix typo: "esecially" to especially
  • GH-364 Fix spec label for build tests
  • GH-344 Check that bin/cordova works on Travis CI
  • CB-13740 gracefully handle platforms that don't pass back requirements to check
  • GH-327 Stub telemetry calls during all tests
  • GH-322 Remove support for fetch option
  • GH-321 Remove support for browserify
  • GH-317 cli.spec: Telemetry-Related Improvements
  • GH-316 Remove callback parameter of main CLI function
  • GH-298 Remove support for deprecated --copy-from
  • GH-298 Cleanup code calling cordova-create