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Cordova iOS 4.4.0
26 Apr 2017

We are happy to announce a minor version of Cordova iOS 4.4.0 has been released!

Three new features were added:

  1. <resource-file> tag support in config.xml
  2. Carthage support
  3. Dynamic framework support through the "embed" attribute of the <framework> tag in plugin.xml (needs cordova-cli@7.0.0, which is coming soon)

Other notable issues:

  1. Fixed build error on Xcode 8.3.2
  2. Removed iOS 8 Support (only iOS 9 and greater supported now)
  3. Removed node.js 0.x support

Note: When updating iOS, make sure to save your plugins as current unsaved plugins may not be reinstalled otherwise. Run the following command in your project to save your currently installed plugins into config.xml:

cordova plugin save

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform rm ios
cordova platform add ios@4.4.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add ios@4.4.0

What's new in iOS

  • CB-12009 - target attribute ignored on iOS when installing a Cordova plugin
  • CB-12673 - ios platform does not build on Xcode 8.3.2
  • CB-12665 - removing engineStrict as it is no longer supported
  • CB-8980 - Adding resource-file element to config.xml for iOS
  • CB-11895 - openURL: is deprecated on iOS 10
  • CB-10026 - Fix warnings in Objective-C tests
  • CB-12617 - added engine strict for users with older node versions
  • CB-11233 - Support installing frameworks into "Embedded Binaries" section of the Xcode project
  • CB-12577 - Fix module import warnings when using Cordova.framework (Carthage)
  • CB-12571 - Podfile gets overwritten and some dependencies disappear.
  • CB-12050 - ios: Create shared scheme for framework target, for Carthage support
  • CB-12384 - ios: Add Cocoa Touch Framework target for CordovaLib functionality
  • CB-12309 - Missing CLI help for --developmentTeam
  • CB-12405 - .ipa is uncompressed in preparation for 'run' command during a 'build', resulting in slow builds
  • CB-12523 - Remove iOS 8 support
  • CB-12522 - Remove node 0.x support in CI
  • CB-12377 - Fix bug with updating platform
  • CB-12473 - Delete the correct build output folder
  • CB-12402 CB-12206 - Properly encode app name to generate XML files
  • CB-12388 - Fix memory leak due to strong reference
  • CB-12287 - Remove hardcoded sim build destination
  • CB-12018 - updated pkg.json with jasmine changes to work with jasmine instead of jasmine-node and rebased off of master branch.
  • CB-12018 - updated tests to function with jasmine instead of jasmine-node
  • CB-12341 - Possible crash in [CDVUserAgentUtil releaseLock:]
  • CB-12247 - Symlinking resource files leads to inability to install app on iOS 10
  • CB-6274 - Added support for BackgroundColor preference
  • CB-12098 - Update supportedInterfaceOrientations return type (removed spaces)
  • CB-11810 - (ios) fix unable to load index page from frameworkpath
  • Removed no-longer-working and generally-unused diagnose_project script