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Cordova iOS 4.3.0
24 Oct 2016

We are happy to announce the minor version of Cordova iOS 4.3.0 has been released!

This release includes:

  1. CocoaPods support in <framework> tags of plugins (static libraries only)
  2. the --buildFlag option to send extra xcodebuild flags when building/running your app
  3. Both Xcode 7 and Xcode 8 support (automatic code signing). Xcode 6 support has been dropped.
  4. Support for the four new App Transport Security (ATS) keys introduced in iOS 10

Note: When updating iOS, make sure to save your plugins as current unsaved plugins may not be reinstalled otherwise. Run the following command in your project to save your currently installed plugins into config.xml:

cordova plugin save

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform rm ios
cordova platform add ios@4.3.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add ios@4.3.0

What's new in iOS

  • CB-12054 - Remove npm absolute paths in node_modules/package.json (using removeNPMAbsolutePaths utility)
  • CB-12054 - Updated checked-in node_modules
  • Update bundled ios-sim to 5.0.9
  • CB-12003 - Updated node_modules for cordova-common 1.5.1
  • CB-11999 - platformAPIs contain js code that is deceptively uncallable
  • CB-11936 - Support four new App Transport Security (ATS) keys
  • CB-11952 - Introduce buildFlag option - adds buildFlag option for passing args to xcodebuild
  • CB-11970 - Support CocoaPod pod specification other than version
  • CB-11729 - template file MainViewController.m has deprecated override shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation
  • CB-11957 - Update docs for remote/local notifications removed in cordova-ios-4.0
  • CB-11920 - Add github pull request template
  • CB-11860 - Update packaging strategy for Xcode 8
  • CB-11771 - Deep symlink directories to target project instead of linking the directory itself
  • CB-10078 - Refresh cached userAgent on version bump
  • CB-9762 - Add launch storyboard support
  • CB-11792 - Fixed configuration file could not be parsed due to preprocessing errors
  • CB-11854 - Create Entitlements.plist file (one each for Debug and Release configurations)
  • CB-11863 - Update README
  • CB-11863 - Update travis.yml to xcode 7.3 image
  • CB-11863 - Update xcodebuild minimum version to 7.0.0
  • CB-11862 - Update ios-deploy minimum version required to 1.9.0
  • CB-11831 - Add missing LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS setting to the Release build configuration
  • CB-11845 - Add developmentTeam flag to cordova build and 'developmentTeam' key in build.json buildConfig file
  • CB-11811 - CocoaPods error in cordova-lib tests
  • CB-11790 - Check that Cocoapods is installed by checking pod install return code, show help text
  • CB-11791 - 'pod install' should pass in the '--verbose' flag, if set
  • CB-11789 - Generated Podfile should not have an absolute path to .xcodeproj
  • CB-11792 - Add Cocoapods .xcconfig includes to build.xcconfig files in template, modify create script
  • CB-11712 - changes in config.xml does a 'search and replace all' for occurrences of the old name with the new name in the pbxproj
  • CB-11788 - Change create and build scripts to use .xcworkspace
  • CB-11731 - Re-read ios.json on every prepare
  • CB-11705 - Adding CordovaDefaultWebViewEngine configuration option to be able to use a different WebView as default and/or fallback
  • CB-11725 - Update appveyor node versions to 4 and 6, so they will always use the latest versions
  • CB-9789 - Allow setting the default locale
  • CB-11703 - travis ci setup is still using 0.10.32 node (specify specific version, using LTS version)
  • CB-11706 - travis ci setup is not running unit-tests
  • CB-11238 - Expose supportedOrientations methods so native code can override the current behavior
  • CB-11648 - Make CDVViewController send notifications when UIViewController methods are called
  • CB-9825 - Cocoapod integration for plugins
  • CB-11528 - Remove verbose mode from xcrun in build.js to prevent logging of environment variables.
  • CB-11270 - Handle JavaScript onclick handler navigation
  • CB-11535 CB-10361 - ios: fix bug with remove frameworks

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