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Cordova iOS 4.2.0
23 Jun 2016

We are happy to announce that Cordova iOS 4.2.0 has been released!

Along with some bug fixes, this release adds support for node 6 to cordova-ios!

A new version of the cordova-cli will need to be released to pin this version of cordova-ios as the default version when creating a new project. If you want to start using this version now, make sure to specify the version when doing a cordova platform add/update.

Note: When updating, make sure to save your plugins as current unsaved plugins may not be reinstalled otherwise. Run the following command in your project to save your currently installed plugins into config.xml:

cordova plugin save

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform rm ios
cordova platform add ios@4.2.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add ios@4.2.0

What's new in iOS platform

  • cordova-ios now supports node 6!
  • CB-11445 Updated checked-in node_modules
  • CB-11424 AppVeyor test failures (path separator) on cordova-ios platform
  • CB-11375 - onReset method of CDVPlugin is never called
  • CB-11366 Break out obj-c tests so they are not called from jasmine - Fix for mktemp variants (Linux vs Darwin)
  • CB-11117 Optimize prepare for iOS platform, clean prepared files
  • CB-11265 Remove target checking for cordova-ios
  • CB-11259 Improving build output
  • CB-10695 Fix issue with unable to deploy to the iOS Simulator using cordova emulate ios
  • CB-10695 Replacing SDK/ARCH parameters by new destination parameter. Fixes issues when project has targets using different SDKs, i.e.: watchOS vs iOS
  • CB-11069 CDVViewController appURL is nil if wwwFolderName is the path to a framework
  • CB-11200 Bump node-xcode version
  • CB-11235 NSInternalInconsistencyException when running iOS unit tests
  • CB-11161 Reuse PluginManager from cordova-common to add/rm plugins
  • CB-11161 Bump cordova-common to 1.3.0.
  • CB-11019 Update tests to validate project name updates
  • CB-11019 Handle changes of app name gracefully
  • CB-11022 Duplicate www files on plugin installtion/removal
  • CB-6992 Fix non-working create case, add new test
  • CB-10957 Remove build*.xconfig from build outputs: *.ipa, *.app
  • CB-10964 Handle build.json file starting with a BOM
  • CB-10942 - Cannot <allow-navigation href="" /> for links in that site, if you have <allow-intent href="https://*" />