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Significant Documentation Updates
03 Mar 2016

We are happy to announce that we have made significant content updates to our documentation.

A while back we conducted a survey on the Cordova website asking for feedback on the experience of using Cordova from the developer standpoint. We received more than 900 responses and documentation emerged as one of the major pain points for the average Cordova developer.

Since then we have made efforts to improve the quality of our documentation. To summarize it:

  • Validated and corrected most of the current doc content.
  • Reorganized our documentation and updated our table of contents to use concise, action-driven titles for ease of navigation.
  • Added a 'Reference' section and updated the articles to make them comprehensive and reader-friendly. The CLI for example, now lives under the 'Reference' section.
  • Updated the platform guides as single page content following a common structure. For example, the Android Guide and others now have the following sections:
    • Requirements and Support
    • Installing the Requirements
    • Project Configuration
    • Debugging
    • Signing an App
    • Platform Centered Workflow
    • Upgrading
  • Moved Core Plugin docs, like Cordova Plugin Camera, from Github to be a part of the website. They are now accessible from one place and are easier to read.
  • Fixed a number of JIRA bugs related to documentation as a part of improving these articles.

These all are reflected in the latest docs release and we would love to hear your feedback so that we can continue to work on improving it.

It's easy to provide feedback:

  • File a JIRA using "Component": Docs. Look at the Open Issues before to make sure the issue doesn't already exist.
  • Comment on this blog post using Disqus.
  • PRs are welcome. Feel free to submit them using the edit button on the docs pages.

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