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Camera Plugin Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
18 Sep 2020

We are happy to announce that we have just released an update to our camera plugin!

Release Highlights

In this major release, we have:

  • removed the DestinationType of NATIVE_URI that was used only in the iOS and Windows platform. For iOS, the NATIVE_URI returned an ALAssetsLibrary that had been deprecated and does not work with the WKWevView.
  • removed the CordovaUri class helper that used fuzzy logic to guess the image path from the content URL. This process was not necessary as we know the file path beforehand.
  • bumped the project requirement definition. This plugin version requires Cordova CLI >= 9.0.0. If building for Android, this plugin version will also require the Cordova Android platform >= 9.0.0.
  • changed the location of the temporary saved images from external to internal cache.

Changes include:


  • GH-637 breaking: remove NATIVE_URI DestinationType
  • GH-628 breaking: bump project requirements
  • GH-627 breaking: bump version 5.0.0-dev
  • GH-617 breaking(android): stop using CordovaUri helper class


  • GH-629 feat: migrate to @cordova/eslint-config@3.x
  • GH-588 feat(android): Cache images in device storage, devices have enough space now.


  • GH-632 fix(android): return error if file url is null
  • GH-510 fix(android): use provider prefix to avoid conflicts other plugin providers
  • GH-612 fix(ios): tempFilePath called twice if using CameraUsesGeolocation
  • GH-580 fix(ios): return copy of video when picking from gallery on iOS 13
  • GH-551 fix: UI API called on a background thread (#550, #530, #447)
  • GH-306 fix: ImagePicker returning same image


  • GH-634 chore: remove deprecated file-transfer plugin
  • GH-630 chore: add package-lock.json
  • GH-631 chore(package): use short notation
  • GH-575 chore(npm): adds ignore list
  • chore(asf): update git notification settings
  • chore: Update


  • GH-648 ci(travis): update osx xcode image
  • GH-626 ci: fix additional tests
  • GH-576 ci: updates Node.js versions


  • GH-508 docs(readme): app renamed to Google Photos
  • GH-513 docs(README): remove confusing comment
  • GH-512 docs(README): remove orphan Windows phone 7 note

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