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Plugins Release
16 Apr 2018

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-pluin-vibration@3.1.0
  • cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.4.2
  • cordova-plugin-media-capture@3.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@3.0.0
  • cordova-plugin-globalization@1.11.0
  • cordova-plugin-device@2.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.3
  • cordova-plugin-battery-status@2.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-device-motion@2.0.1
  • cordova-plugin-device-orientation@2.0.1

You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.

E.g. To update your camera plugin:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera@latest

Changes include: cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.2

  • CB-12593 Android Fix potential FileProvider conflicts
  • Fix a mistake in the examples of usage descriptions (#313)
  • CB-13854: fix Camera opens in portrait orientation on iphones
  • CB-13415 Android Importing corrupt images using the Camera plugin crashes the app


  • CB-14022 documented Android quirk with vibration
  • CB-13892: Remove navigator.notification



  • CB-13866: iOS fix Camera opens in portrait orientation on iphones


  • CB-13659 iOS Add hidespinner option
  • In file New code within shouldOverrideUrlLoading() to check for whitelisting custom schemes via a new AllowedSchemes preference configuration item. Allows custom schemes like mycoolapp:// or wevotetwitterscheme://
  • New method isURLWhileListed to check for whitelisting of AllowedSchemes in a new preference configuration item. There is a new check in shouldOverrideUrlLoading, to allow whitelisted custom schemes like "mycoolapp://"
  • Add customisation of the navigation buttons for iOS
  • Fix navigation buttons on iOS


  • Updating moment.js to version 2.20.1 (#64)


  • CB-13893 iOS delete libz.tbd from device plugin


  • CB-10645 The battery status handler doesn't reinitialize on Android after window.location.reload(). Instead of throwing an error, rather remove the status handler and re-initialize.


  • CB-14001: Fix cordovaDependencies to allow plugin install


  • CB-14001: Fix cordovaDependencies to allow plugin install