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Plugins Release
29 Jan 2018

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-file-transfer@1.7.1
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@2.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-media@5.0.2
  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen@5.0.2

You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.

E.g. To update your camera plugin:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera@latest

Changes include: cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.2

  • CB-13781 (android) Fixed permissions request on Android 8 to save a photo into the photo album
  • CB-13747 Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis


  • CB-13749 Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis


  • CB-13791 Add Android support for a footer close button
  • CB-13409 Lets user adjust color of toolbar, hide navigation buttons and set custom text on close button
  • CB-13746 Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis



  • CB-13750 Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis
  • CB-13737 (iOS): fix Splash screen images for iPhone X

Plugins Release
30 Dec 2017 - By Simon MacDonald

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin-battery-status@2.0.1 cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.1 cordova-plugin-device@2.0.1 cordova-plugin-dialogs@2.0.1 cordova-plugin-file@6.0.1 cordova-plugin-geolocation@4.0.1...


A Better Way to Exercise Cordova Plugins
02 Feb 2018 - By John M. Wargo

Cordova developers have several ways to test and debug their Cordova applications....