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Tools Released!
18 Dec 2017

We just released an update to our tools!

Release Highlights

  • CB-13056: removed support for WebOS, BlackBerry10, and Ubuntu
  • CB-13057: removed cordova save command. This command isn't needed as cordova auto saves dependencies.
  • CB-13055: removed --nofetch flag. Now all of our dependency fetching happens via cordova-fetch. This allowed us to drop the npm@2 dependency we were shipping with cordova. Instead, we now just use your system npm to do all of our fetching.

To update your cordova CLI:

npm install -g cordova@latest

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:


  • CB-13057: removed cordova save command
  • CB-13056: removed support for WebOS, BlackBerry10, and Ubuntu
  • CB-13674: updated cordova dependencies
  • CB-13055: updated integration tests, removed lazy_load.js, removed gitclone.js and --nofetch flag. This removes the need for us to include an npm dependency.
  • CB-13463: prevent package.json updating plugins with --nosave


  • CB-13055: removed --nofetch flag
  • Use native Promises instead of Q
  • CB-12853: re-check version before notifying.


  • CB-13674: updated cordova-lib dependency to 8.0.0
  • CB-12762: pointed package.json repo items to github mirrors instead of apache repos site (#89)


  • CB-13055: added workaround for when jsonDiff has more than one different key.
  • Support git shortlink package references



  • CB-12807: updated error message to follow the template guide

Cordova Android 7.0.0 Released!
04 Dec 2017 - By Joe Bowser

We are happy to announce that Cordova Android 7.0.0 has been released!...


Plugins Release
20 Dec 2017 - By Steve Gill

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin-battery-status@2.0.0 cordova-plugin-camera@4.0.0 cordova-plugin-contacts@3.0.1 cordova-plugin-device@2.0.0 cordova-plugin-dialogs@2.0.0 cordova-plugin-file@6.0.0...