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Plugins Release
08 Dec 2015

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine@1.0.0

This is the initial release of this plugin. This plugin requires cordova-ios@4.0.0. Please read the iOS 4.0.0 release blog for instructions to update.

To install:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine --save

If you are thinking of migrating from using the UIWebView on iOS, please read the README and also take note of the limitations of this plugin.

Changes include:


  • CB-10146 - Add to README WKWebViewEngine quirks that will affect migration from UIWebView
  • CB-10133 - DataClone DOM Exception 25 thrown for postMessage
  • CB-10106 - added bridge proxy
  • CB-10107 - nativeEvalAndFetch called for all bridges
  • CB-10106 - iOS bridges need to take into account bridge changes
  • CB-10073 - WKWebViewEngine should post CDVPluginResetNotification
  • CB-10035 - Updated RELEASENOTES to be newest to oldest
  • CB-10002 - WKWebView should propagate shouldOverrideLoadWithRequest to plugins
  • CB-9979 CB-9972 Change ATS link to new link
  • CB-9636 - Plugin should detect at runtime iOS 8 and use of file:// url and present an error
  • CB-8839 - WKWebView ignores DisallowOverscroll preference
  • CB-8556 - fix handleOpenURL for WKWebViewEngine plugin
  • CB-8666 - Update CDVWKWebViewEngine plugin to use 4.0.x branch code

Cordova iOS 4.0.0
08 Dec 2015 - By Shazron Abdullah

We are happy to announce that Cordova iOS 4.0.0 has been released....


Plugins Release
14 Dec 2015 - By Shazron Abdullah

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.1.1 cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine@1.0.1 This release brings cordova-ios@4.0.0...