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Tools Release: September 9th, 2015
09 Sep 2015

New versions of cordova tools are now live!

To update your tools:

  • If you have cordova installed:

    npm install -g cordova
  • If you have plugman installed:

    npm install -g plugman

Changes include:

Platform updates

When adding these platforms to your project, the following versions are now used by default. These platform versions were released recently, and the tools' defaults were updated:


  • pinned browser@~4.0.0, windows@~4.1.0, blackberry10@~3.8.0, webos@~3.7.0
  • CB-9559 Adding a plugin with caret in version results in an error
  • Update cordova-serve required version to 0.1.3.
  • CB-6506 RTC: Add support for OSX (closes #278)
  • CB-9517 Adding a plugin on iOS/OSX that uses a private framework does not work (closes #281)
  • CB-9549 Removes excess JS files from browserified app
  • CB-9505 Correct plugin modules loading within browserify flow
  • CB-8532 Adding Windows Plugin Failed with "Cannot read property 'text' of null" Updated elementtree API according 0.1.6 release. This closes #277


  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.3.1


  • CB-9505 Correct plugin modules loading within browserify flow. This closes #126
  • CB-9342 Fix deviceReady event not fired on Windows 10 in hosted environment


  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.3.1
  • CB-7143 Added support for OSX

Pinned Platform Versions for Cordova CLI 5.3.1

  • Cordova Amazon-FireOS: ~3.6.3
  • Cordova Android: ~4.1.0 (4.1.1)
  • Cordova BlackBerry10: ~3.8.0
  • Cordova Browser: ~4.0.0
  • Cordova FirefoxOS: ~3.6.3
  • Cordova iOS: ~3.9.0 (3.9.1)
  • Cordova Ubuntu: ~4.0.0
  • Cordova Windows: ~4.1.0
  • Cordova WP8: ~3.8.1
  • Cordova Webos: ~3.7.0

Other News:

  • has switched to read-only and will be shutting down Oct.15th. Plugin authors, please move your plugins to npm! Read more here.

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