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Tools Release: June 10, 2015
10 Jun 2015

New versions of cordova tools are now live!

Release highlights:

  • CB-8898 Introduced a new cordova requirements command
  • CB-8441 cordova prepare --browserify now supports 3rd party plugins to build your cordova.js at run time! Try it out!
  • CB-9075 pinned platforms will include platform patch updates without requiring a new tools release.

To update your tools:

  • If you have cordova installed:

    npm install -g cordova
  • If you have plugman installed:

    npm install -g plugman <!--more-->

Changes include:

Platform updates

When adding these platforms to your project, the following versions are now used by default. These platform versions were released recently, and the tools' defaults were updated:


  • CB-9087 Updated pinned version of cordova-windows to 4.0.0
  • CB-9108 Handle version ranges when add platform with --usegit.
  • CB-8898 Makes error message descriptive when requirements is called outside of cordova project.
  • CB-8007 Two cordova plugins modifying *-Info.plist CFBundleURLTypes
  • CB-9065 Allow removing plugins by short name.
  • CB-9001 Set WMAppManifest.xml Author, Description and Publisher attributes based on config.xml
  • CB-9073 Allow to add platform if project path contains & symbol
  • CB-8783 - Revert all as a global preference value for Orientation (specific to iOS for now)
  • CB-8783 - default value for Orientation does not support both landscape and portrait orientations. (new all value)
  • CB-9075 pinned platforms will include patch updates without new tools release
  • CB-9051 Plugins don't get re-added if platforms folder deleted.
  • CB-9025 Call Windows prepare logic on as part of cordova-lib prepare. This closes #217
  • CB-8965 copy platform specific js into platform_www when adding new platforms for browserify workflow
  • Add support to specify a build config file. If none is specified build.json in the project root is used as a default This closes #215
  • CB-9030: Modifies superspawn to support a chmod option. When truthy, attempts to set the target file mode to 755 before executing. Specifies this argument as truthy for common CLI operations (compile, run, and steps in plugman). Didn't add it for hooks runner since that particular mode is in legacy support.
  • CB-6462 CB-6026 - Orientation preference now updates UISupportedInterfaceOrientations~ipad too.
  • CB-8898 Introduces requirements cordova module
  • Update elementtree dependency to 0.1.6. Note it has a breaking API change. (closes #209)
  • CB-8757 Resolve symlinks in order to avoid relative path issues (close #212)
  • CB-8956 Remove hardcoded reference to
  • CB-8934 fixed regression with projects config.json not being used in cordova create
  • CB-8908 Make fetching via git faster via --depth=1
  • CB-8897 Make default icon/splash on Android map to mdpi


  • CB-8898 Adds missing section about requirements to general cordova help
  • CB-8898 Introduces cordova requirements command
  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.1.1


  • CB-9057: Updated cordova.js for Windows to refer to base.js instead of the full-blown WinJS.js.
  • CB-6865 added browserify support for plugins with any id
  • CB-8441 added missing requires and updated npm run scripts
  • CB-8441 platformVersion flag not required anymore. Grab version from dependecy platform versions
  • CB-8441 updated workflow to use cordova-js-src when available
  • CB-8441 grunt compile now uses platform dependencies cordova-js-src directory for platform specific exec files
  • CB-8441 added platforms as dev dependencies
  • Added template-packaged WinJS reference for Windows 10 support. This closes #111
  • CB-8996 Windows Fixed invalid null comparison. This closes #110.
  • updated browserify dependency to 10.1.3
  • android: Delete PRIVATE_API bridge mode enum, since it was removed in 4.0.0
  • CB-8838 - Disabled commandQueue for WK_WEBVIEW_BINDING. (closes #107)


  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.1.1

Pinned Platform Versions for Cordova CLI 5.1.1

  • Cordova Amazon-FireOS: 3.6.3
  • Cordova Android: 4.0.2
  • Cordova BlackBerry10: 3.7.0
  • Cordova Browser: 3.6.0
  • Cordova FirefoxOS: 3.6.3
  • Cordova iOS: 3.8.0
  • Cordova Ubuntu: 4.0.0
  • Cordova Windows: 4.0.0
  • Cordova WP8: 3.8.1

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