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Tools Release: March 02, 2015
02 Mar 2015

New versions of cordova tools are now live!

To update your tools:

  • If you have cordova installed:

    npm install -g cordova
  • If you have plugman installed:

    npm install -g plugman

Release highlights:

  • Cordova-iOS developers will need to update their iOS-deploy dependency to launch on iOS devices. Please run npm install -g ios-deploy to install the latest version 1.4.0.
  • You can now save your list of installed plugins and platforms using the --save command when adding platforms and plugins to your project. Saved platforms and plugins are automagically restored during prepare. Ex. cordova platform add android --save. This should make it easier developing cordova projects among a team.
  • Plugin authors can use the new command plugman createpackagejson <plugin_path> to add a package.json file to their plugins.
  • We are preparing to transition our plugin hosting over to npm. We will be doing a detailed blog post soon. Stay tuned.

Changes include:

Platform updates

When adding these platforms to your project, the following versions are now used by default. These platform versions were released recently, and the tools' defaults were updated:


  • Updated pinned versions of iOS to 3.8.0 and Android to 3.7.1
  • CB-8284 Revert npm dependency due to issues with registry
  • CB-8524 Switched to the latest Windows release
  • changed createpackage.json keyword to ecosystem:cordova
  • CB-8448 Add support for activities
  • CB-8482 Rename: platformId -> platformName
  • CB-8482 Update engine syntax within config.xml
  • --save flag for plugins
  • Restore plugins and platforms on prepare
  • CB-8472 Can't find config.xml error installing browser platform after plugin
  • CB-8469 Android: Call into platform's build.js after plugin add so that Android Studio will work without needing an explicit command-line build first
  • CB-8123 Plugin references can target specific Windows platforms
  • CB-8420 Make cordova plugin add FOO use version from config.xml
  • CB-8239 Fix cordova platform add PATH when PATH is relative and CWD != project root
  • CB-8227 CB8237 CB-8238 Add --save flag and autosave to cordova platform add, cordova platform remove and cordova platform update
  • CB-8409 compile: bubble failures
  • CB-8239 Fix cordova platform update should ignore <cdv:engine>
  • CB-8390 Android: Make <framework custom=false> work with Gradle
  • CB-8416 Updated plugman publish to temporarily rename existing package.json files
  • CB-8416 Added plugman createpackagejson . command to create a package.json from plugin.xml
  • CB-8377 Fixed <runs> tag parsing
  • CB-5696 Find iOS project directory using the xcode project file
  • CB-8373 Android: Add Gradle references to rather than build.gradle
  • CB-8370 Make plugman publish without args default to CWD
  • CB-8366 Android: Remove empty <framework> directory upon uninstall
  • CB-6973 Enable JSHint for spec-cordova
  • CB-8239 Add support for git urls to 'cordova platform add'
  • CB-8358 Add --link for platform add and platform update
  • CB-6973 Remove base rules from individual files in src
  • CB-8354 Add --link support for iOS source and header files
  • Make all ad-hoc plugin.xml parsing use PluginInfo instead
  • Make all usages of PluginInfo use PluginInfoProvider instead
  • Add PluginInfoProvider for better caching of PluginInfo
  • CB-8223 Expose config.xml in the Browser platform
  • CB-8168 --list support for cordova-lib
  • FireOS Improve error message when <source-file> is missing target-dir
  • Make addUninstalledPluginToPrepareQueue take pluginId rather than dirName


  • CB-8439 Fix cordova platform update documentation to include <plat-spec>
  • CB-8379 Have --version print out cordova-lib version if it's not the same as CLI's version
  • CB-8211, CB-8358 Update --link help text
  • CB-8168 --list support for CLI
  • CB-8227 CB-8237 CB-8238 Add --save option to cordova platform add, cordova platform remove and cordova platform update
  • CB-5316 Spell Cordova as a brand unless it's a command or script
  • CB-7950 CLI make vaguely correct


  • CB-8378 Android: Deleted hidekeyboard & showkeyboard events
  • Android: Use correct plugin name for exec() calls
  • CB-8158 Fixed symbolList require
  • CB-8298 Android: Execute exec callbacks within their own stack frames
  • CB-8210 Remove unused onDestroy channel
  • Fixed callbackFromNative method


  • CB-8416 Added plugman createpackagejson . command to generate a package.json file from plugin.xml
  • CB-8370 Update documentation for plugman publish without args

Pinned Platform Versions for Cordova CLI 4.2.0

  • Cordova Amazon-FireOS: 3.6.3
  • Cordova Android: 3.7.1
  • Cordova BlackBerry10: 3.7.0
  • Cordova Browser: 3.6.0
  • Cordova FirefoxOS: 3.6.3
  • Cordova iOS: 3.8.0
  • Cordova Ubuntu: 4.0.0
  • Cordova Windows: 3.8.0
  • Cordova WP8: 3.7.1