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Tools Release: November 13, 2014
13 Nov 2014

New versions of cordova tools are now live!

To update your tools:

  • If you have cordova installed:

    npm install -g cordova
  • If you have plugman installed:

    npm install -g plugman

Changes include

Platform updates

When adding these platforms to your project, the following versions are now used by default. These platform versions were released recently, and the tools' defaults were updated:


  • CB-7079 Allow special characters and digits in id when publishing to plugins registry
  • CB-8004 Use Windows 3.7.1 Release
  • CB-7988 Update platform versions for iOS, WP8 & Windows to 3.7.0
  • CB-7846 Fix plugin deletion when a dependent plugin does not exist
  • CB-6992 Fix build issue on iOS when app name contains accented characters
  • CB-7890 validate file copy operations in plugman
  • CB-7884 moved platform metadata to platformsConfig.json
  • Amazon Specific changes: Added support for SdkVersion
  • Expose PluginInfo from cordova-lib
  • CB-7839 android: Fix versionCode logic when version is less than 3 digits
  • CB-7033 Improve cordova platform check
  • CB-7311 Fix Xcode project manipulation on Windows host
  • CB-7820 Make cordova platfrom restore not stop if a platform fails to restore
  • CB-7649 Support iPhone 6 Plus Icon in CLI config.xml
  • CB-7647 Support new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Images in the CLI config.xml
  • CB-7909 plugman platform add fixes
  • Enable platform-specific id for Android and iOS
  • Check for a CORDOVA_HOME environment variable to create a global config path


  • Expose cordova-lib and the cli from cordova-cli
  • CB-7636 Allow using --nobuild flag without screening


  • CB-7868 Make <clobbers> on navigator not break on some versions of Android
  • CB-7868 Use utils.defineGetterSetter instead of Object.defineProperty
  • Upleveled amazon-fireos bridge
  • CB-7735 Fix iOS bridge race condition when using innerHTML on <body>
  • CB-2520 User agent-related changes for custom user agents in iOS