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Plugins Release: August 11, 2014
11 Aug 2014

The following plugins were updated today:

  • cordova-plugin-battery-status: 0.2.10
  • cordova-plugin-camera: 0.3.1
  • cordova-plugin-console: 0.2.10
  • cordova-plugin-contacts: 0.2.12
  • cordova-plugin-device: 0.2.11
  • cordova-plugin-device-motion: 0.2.9
  • cordova-plugin-device-orientation: 0.3.8
  • cordova-plugin-dialogs: 0.2.9
  • cordova-plugin-file: 1.3.0
  • cordova-plugin-file-transfer: 0.4.5
  • cordova-plugin-geolocation: 0.3.9
  • cordova-plugin-globalization: 0.3.0
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: 0.5.1
  • cordova-plugin-media: 0.2.12
  • cordova-plugin-media-capture: 0.3.2
  • cordova-plugin-network-information: 0.2.11
  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen: 0.3.2
  • cordova-plugin-statusbar: 0.1.7
  • cordova-plugin-vibration: 0.3.10

Notable changes include:

  • Most of the plugins docs are now translated into other languages.
  • FirefoxOS has updated many of their proxies for plugins
  • FirefoxOS support added to device motion plugin
  • Many updates to file plugin for BlackBerry10, FirefoxOS and Windows
  • BlackBerry10 & FirefoxOS support added to globalization plugin

The plugins have been updated on our registry at

You can update any plugin by removing it, and then readding it. E.g. To update your file plugin:

cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.file
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.file

Other changes include: org.apache.cordova.battery-status@0.2.10

  • CB-6957 Ported Battery-status manual & automated tests
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs

  • FirefoxOS update CameraProxy.js
  • CB-7187 iOS: Add explicit dependency on CoreLocation.framework
  • BlackBerry10 Doc correction - sourceType is supported
  • CB-7071 Android: Fix callback firing before CROP intent is sent when allowEdit=true
  • CB-6875 Android: Handle exception when SDCard is not mounted
  • iOS: Delete postImage (dead code)
  • Prevent NPE on processResiultFromGallery when intent comes null
  • Remove iOS doc reference to non-existing navigator.fileMgr API
  • Docs updated with some default values
  • Removes File plugin dependency from Windows 8 code.
  • Use WinJS functionality to resize image instead of File plugin functionality
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs


  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs


  • fixes .find method when options param is not passed. Will return all contacts on missing options param
  • FirefoxOS update ContactsProxy.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-5698 iOS: Check to see if photoData exists before using


  • FirefoxOS update DeviceProxy.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • Use Windows system calls to get better info


  • FirefoxOS update accelerometer.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • FirefoxOS added to supported platforms


  • FirefoxOS update compass.js
  • CB-7187 iOS: Add explicit dependency on CoreLocation.framework
  • CB-7187 Delete unused #import of CDVShared.h


  • Ubuntu: pass proper arguments to prompt callback
  • Ubuntu: use TextField instead of TextInput
  • Ubuntu: proper message escaping before passing to qml
  • FirefoxOS update notification.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • Android: Explicitly apply default theme to dialogs
  • Fix Beep exception on Android when no argument passed


  • FirefoxOS Remove unsupported paths from requestAllPaths
  • FirefoxOS Support for resolve URI, request all paths and local app directory.
  • CB-4263 set ready state to done before onload
  • CB-7167 BlackBerry10 copyTo - return wrapped entry rather than native
  • CB-7167 BlackBerry10 Add directory support to getFileMetadata
  • CB-7167 BlackBerry10 Fix tests detection of blob support (window.Blob is BlobConstructor object)
  • CB-7161 BlackBerry10 Add file system directory paths
  • CB-7093 Create separate plugin.xml for new-style tests
  • CB-7057 Docs update: elaborate on what directories are for
  • CB-7093: Add JS module to plugin.xml file for auto-tests
  • CB-7093 Ported automated file tests
  • Windows remove extra function closure, not needed
  • Windows remove check for undefined fail(), it is defined by the proxy and always exists
  • Windows re-apply readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer
  • Windows Moved similar calls to be the same calls, aliased long namespaced functions
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs.
  • CB-6571 Fix getParentForLocalURL to work correctly with directories with trailing '/' (This closes #58)
  • UTTypeCopyPreferredTagWithClass returns nil mimetype for css when there is no network
  • updated spec links in docs ( en only )
  • CB-6571 add trailing space it is missing in DirectoryEnty constructor.
  • CB-6980 Fixing filesystem:null property in Entry
  • Add Windows 8 support for readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer
  • FirefoxOS Update FileProxy.js
  • CB-6940: context.getExternal methods return null if sdcard isn't in mounted state, causing exceptions that prevent startup from reaching readystate
  • Fix mis-handling of filesystem reference in Entry.moveTo
  • CB-6902: Use File.lastModified rather than .lastModifiedDate
  • CB-6922: Remove unused getMetadata native code
  • CB-6922: Use getFileMetadata consistently to get metadata
  • changed fullPath to self.rootDocsPath
  • CB-6890: Fix pluginManager access for 4.0.x branch


  • Fixed documentation of parameter order for FileTransfer.upload
  • FirefoxOS initial implementation
  • CB-6781: Expose FileTransferError.exception to application
  • CB-6928: Add new error code to documentation
  • CB-6928: Handle 304 status code
  • CB-6928: Open output stream only if it's necessary.
  • BlackBerry10 Minor doc correction
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • Windows 8 upload uses the provided fileName or the actual fileName
  • CB-2420 Windows 8 honor fileKey and param options. This closes #15
  • CB-6781: add the exception text to the error object
  • CB-6890: Fix pluginManager access for 4.0.x branch


  • FirefoxOS update GeolocationProxy.js
  • CB-7187 iOS: Add explicit dependency on CoreLocation.framework
  • CB-7187 Delete unused #import of CDVShared.h
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • iOS: Changed distanceFilter from none to 5 meters, prevents it from spamming the callback even though nothing changed.


  • The right Apache License 2.0 added
  • Update headers and NOTICE file
  • BlackBerry10 support implemented for Globalization
  • Initial implementation for FirefoxOS
  • CB-4602 iOS: Use normalized values for getPreferredLanguage.
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-4602 geolocation.getPreferredLanguage and geolocation.getLocaleName now return strings with hypen (-) to stay compliant with current standards


  • Ubuntu: support qt 5.2
  • FirefoxOS update InAppBrowserProxy.js
  • FirefoxOS app needs to be privileged
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-6769 iOS: Fix statusbar color reset wasn't working on iOS7+

  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • iOS: Make it easier to play media and record audio simultaneously
  • code #s for MediaError

  • Ubuntu: fix compiler warnings
  • Ubuntu: support qt 5.2
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-6978 captureImage() function fails in Android
  • CB-6890: Fix pluginManager access for 4.0.x branch

  • FirefoxOS update NetworkProxy.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • Fixed docs for online/offline event being backwards


  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-7041 iOS: Fix image filename logic when setting the iPad splash screen
  • fixes Splashscreen crash on WP8


  • Update statusbar.js
  • Update backgroundColorByHexString function
  • iOS: Use a persistent callbackId instead of calling sendJs
  • CB-6626 iOS: Add a JS event for tapping on statusbar
  • iOS: Fix hide to adjust webview's frame only when status bar is not overlaying webview
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • Android: Fix StatusBar.initialize() not running on UI thread


  • Ubuntu: Implemented vibrateWithPattern/cancelVibration
  • FirefoxOS update VibrationProxy.js
  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs