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Tools Release: July 10, 2014
10 Jul 2014

New versions of plugman, cordova and cordova-lib are now live!

To update your tools:

npm install -g cordova
npm install -g plugman

Most notable changes are:

  • Support for splash screens
  • Drop wp7 as platform
  • An experimental feature that allows to persist the currently added plugins to config.xml. Try it out as:
    • cordova save plugins --experimental
    • and later when you check out the project without a plugins folder:
    • cordova restore plugins --experimental
    • Read Gorkem Ercan's post for details.
  • We are experimenting with using browserify to package our cordova.js build artifact. This is an internal change to our tooling, and is currently still off-by-default. We would appreciate feedback since we hope to switch to on-by-default in a future release. Try it using plugman as:
  • plugman (un)install --browserify --project [PROJECT] --plugin [PLUGIN] --platform [ios|android]

Other changes include:


  • CB-6728 Support chip architecture flag --archs
  • CB-6740 amazon-fireos Clean up error reporting when AmazonWebView SDK not found
  • CB-6943 Path can include the : if it is absolute, only test for http. Added tests
  • Show full stack for CordovaError in verbose mode
  • CB-6024 Use nopt instead of optimist in cli
  • Add --usenpm flag to activate npm based lazy_load
  • CB-6767 Allow cordova to be replaceable in error messages
  • Add --noregistry flag for disabling plugin lookup in the registry


  • CB-3571, CB-2606 support for splashscreens
  • Fix plugin check error, when plugin dependency with specific version is given
  • CB-6709 Do not create merges/ folder when adding a platform
  • CB-6140 Don't allow deletion of platform dependencies
  • CB-6698 Fix 'android update lib-project' to work with paths containing spaces
  • CB-6973 Run JSHint on all code in src/ via npm test
  • CB-6542 Delay creating project until there's some chance that it will succeed
  • folder_contents() now ignores .svn folders
  • CB-6970 Share win project files manipulation code between cordova and plugman
  • CB-6954 Share events.js between cordova and plugman
  • CB-6698 Automatically copy sub-libraries to project's directory
  • CB-6942 Describe running hooks only in verbose mode.
  • CB-6512 Allow cordova platform add /path/to/platform/files
  • CB-6895 Add more config properties into manifest
  • Allow cordova platform add platform@version
  • Add util func for chaining promises
  • removing doWrap from prepare
  • adding prepare-browserify
  • adding and freezing cordova-js
  • CB-6879 config parser breakout into a cordova level module
  • CB-6698 Resolve android <framework> relative to plugin_dir when custom=true
  • Fix tests on node 0.11.x
  • CB-6024 Accept cli vars as part of opts param
  • Refer properties-parser package from NPM.
  • CB-6859 Removed all wp7 references, tests still passing
  • Extract AndroidProject class into a separate .js file
  • CB-6698 Support library references for Android via the framework tag
  • CB-6854 Strip BOM when adding cordova.define() to js-modules
  • Use PluginInfo in plugman/install.js
  • CB-6772 Provide a default for AndroidLaunchMode
  • CB-6711 Use parseProjectFile when working with XCode projects.
  • Start using PluginInfo object in plugman/install.js
  • CB-6709 Remove merges/ folder for default apps
  • Add --shrinkwrap flag to save plugin versions
  • Initial implementation for saving plugin list in config.xml and restoring from it
  • CB-6668 Use <description> for cordova plugin ls when <name> is missing.
  • Add --noregistry flag for disabling plugin lookup in the registry
  • Remove --force from default npm settings for plugin registry
  • CB-7100 Use npm for downloading plugins and later platforms
  • CB-6691 Change some instances of Error() to CordovaError()

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