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Plugins Release: March 3, 2014
03 Mar 2014

The following plugins were updated today:

  • org.apache.cordova.contacts@0.2.9
  • org.apache.cordova.file@1.0.1
  • org.apache.cordova.file-transfer@0.4.2
  • org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser@0.3.2

Notable changes include:

  • Several bugfixes to the recently overhauled file plugin
  • Fixed the default value of file-transfer trustAllHosts on iOS (was true, is now false)
  • Prevent malicious code within an inappbrowser on iOS being able to run code within the host UIWebView

The plugins have been updated on our registry at

E.g. To update your file plugin:

cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.file
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.file

Other changes include:

  • CB-1826 Catch OOM on gallery image resize


  • CB-6086 Fix typo in FxOS part of plugin.xml: Camera -> Contacts
  • CB-5994 Switch Contact ID lookup to use Raw contact id.


  • CB-6116 Fix error where resolveLocalFileSystemURL would fail
  • CB-6106 Add support for nativeURL attribute on Entry objects
  • CB-6110 iOS: Fix typo in filesystemPathForURL: method
  • Android: Use most specific FS match when resolving file: URIs
  • iOS: Update fileSystemURLforLocalPath: to return the most match url.
  • Allow third-party plugin registration, and the total count of fs type is not limited to just 4.
  • CB-6097 Added missing files for amazon-fireos platform. Added onLoad flag to true.
  • CB-6087 Android, iOS: Load file plugin on startup
  • CB-6013 BlackBerry10: wrap webkit prefixed called in requestAnimationFrame
  • Update plugin writers' documentation
  • CB-6080 Fix file copy when src and dst are on different local file systems
  • CB-6057 Add methods for plugins to convert between URLs and paths
  • CB-6050 Public method for returning a FileEntry from a device file path
  • CB-2432 CB-3185, CB-5975: Fix Android handling of content:// URLs
  • CB-6022 Add upgrade notes to doc
  • CB-5233 Make asset-library urls work properly on iOS
  • CB-6012 Preserve query strings on cdvfile:// URLs where necessary
  • CB-6010 Test properly for presence of URLforFilesystemPath method
  • CB-5959 Entry.getMetadata should return size attribute


  • CB-6106 Ensure that nativeURL is used by file transfer download
  • iOS: Fix default value for trustAllHosts on iOS (YES->NO)
  • CB-6059 iOS: Stop doing IO on the UI thread
  • CB-5588 iOS: Add response headers to upload result
  • CB-2190 iOS: Make backgroundTaskId apply to downloads as well. Move backgroundTaskId to the delegate.
  • CB-6050 Android: Use instance method on actual file plugin object to get FileEntry to return on download
  • CB-6000 Android: Nginx rejects Content-Type without a space before "boundary".
  • CB-6022 Add backwards-compatibility notes to doc


  • Validate that callbackId is correctly formed
  • CB-6035 Move js-module so it is not loaded on unsupported platforms
  • Removed some iOS6 Deprecations

  • CB-6051 Update media plugin to work with new cdvfile:// urls
  • CB-5748 Make sure that Media.onStatus is called when recording is started.

  • CB-5202 Fix video capture crash on Android 4.3+