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Apache Cordova 2.9.1
06 Nov 2013

The Apache Cordova team has just released Cordova 2.9.1. Wait what?! You read right! We have backported some bug fixes to the Cordova 2 series for all of you that haven't upgraded to the Cordova 3 series yet. Hurray! Among other fixes, this release backports iOS 7 support.

Users can download the source zip from

We will continue to backport fixes for a few more months, but we highly suggest upgrading to the Cordova 3 series.

What's new in Android

  • Update JS snapshot to version 2.9.1 (via coho)
  • CB-5193 Fix Android WebSQL sometime throwing SECURITY_ERR.
  • Move java files back into api/ directory.
  • CB-4817 Remove unused assets in project template.
  • Update
  • Update snapshot of
  • Update snapshot of
  • CB-5080 Find resources in a way that works with aapt's --rename-manifest-package (cherry picked fro
  • Tweak the online bridge to not send excess online events.
  • CB-4495 Modify start-emulator script to exit immediately on a fatal emulator error. (cherry picke
  • Fix data URI decoding in CordovaResourceApi
  • CB-4466 fixed jscript check_reqs to get target from
  • CB-4463 Updated bin/check_reqs to looks for android-18 target.Also fixed an issue in unix version
  • CB-4198 bin/create script should be better at handling non-word characters in activity name. Patc
  • CB-4198 bin/create should handle spaces in activity better.
  • CB-3384 Fix thread assertion when plugins remap URIs (cherry picked from commit b915aafb5be319121
  • CB-3384 Use the ExposedJsApi to detect webCore thread instead of IceCreamCordovaWebViewClient.
  • CB-3384 Reworked UriResolver into CordovaResourceApi.
  • CB-3384 Add a length getter for UriResolver. Change from interface -> abstract class.
  • CB-3384 Make UriResolver assert that IO is not on the UI nor WebCore threads. (cherry picked from
  • Backporting FileUtils fixes to 2.9
  • CB-4633: Backporting to Android 2.9.x
  • CB-4013 Fixed loadUrlTimeoutValue preference.
  • CB-4155: Cordova Android -; is called on (prospectively unsupported) Web
  • CB-4103 Made config parameters case-insensitive.
  • CB-4038 Move non-deprecated classes from the api package into the main package. (cherry picked fr
  • CB-3384 Rewrite of DataResource into UriResolver + UriResolvers
  • CB-3998 video duration is an int
  • CB-3927 Fix start-up race condition that could cause exec() responses to be dropped.
  • CB-3949: Adding code to mitigate broken intents with the application installer
  • CB-3854: Added support for wildcard.
  • CB-3932 Remove baseUrl comment in handleDestroy method made redundant by CB-3766
  • CB-3902: Explicitly add market URIs to CordovaWebViewClient so this always works, not just sometime
  • CB-3625 CB-3338 updated windows cli scripts and added version option
  • CB-3998 video duration is an int

What's new in iOS

  • CB-5199 - Media Capture - UI issues under iOS 7 (uncrustify style fix-ups as well)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport of v2.9.1 - add CoreMotion.framework to the default template
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport of v2.9.1 from CB-4825, CB-5035 (Device Motion / Accelerometer)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport of v2.9.1 from CB-4847 (Media only)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport of v2.9.1 from CB-4847 (Media Capture only)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport for v2.9.1 of CB-4806, CB-4355 (Splashscreen)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport for v2.9.1 of CB-4930 (InAppBrowser)
  • CB-5189 - ios - Backport for v2.9.1 of CB-4958, CB-3482 and CB-3453 changes
  • CB-4480 Using 64 bit ints to store file size
  • CB-3448 bin/diagnose_project script fails if CORDOVALIB variable not in prefs plist
  • CB-3567 Redirect initiated in JavaScript fails the app from loading
  • CB-4147 Fixing crash when calling show() on an already open InAppBrowser window.
  • CB-4104 Made config parameters case-insensitive.
  • CB-4033 Relaxed case-sensitivity of "UTF-8".
  • CB-4037 Unable to Archive iOS projects for upload to App Store in 2.9
  • CB-4025 iOS emulate command broken when run inside the cordova folder

What's new in Windows Phone 7 & 8

  • support namespace, and deprecated plugin tags in config.xml
  • Update File.write method with additional params
  • bumped version to 2.9.1 and removed dupe geolocation from config.xml for wp7+8 CB-4090
  • CB-4090 Broken notification handling
  • update templates to include all plugins for 2.9.1
  • update cordova.js for 2.9.1
  • Fix null reference exception
  • update Audio/Media plugins
  • add callback id to compass callbacks
  • add callback id to callbacks
  • update FileTransfer plug from plugin repo
  • add plugns back, and remove dupe classes

What's new in Windows 8

  • Cordova JS has been updated to 2.9.1

For a full list of changes, refer to included in the download.