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Apache Cordova 3.1
02 Oct 2013

The Apache Cordova team has just released Cordova 3.1.0. Hurray! Most notable changes include:

To upgrade a 3.0 project (replace android with the platform you want to update):

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update android

For non-CLI projects or for pre-3.0 projects, refer to the upgrade guides.

What's new in Android

The Android platform saw 55 commits land since 3.0.0. Notable changes include:

  • CB-4763 Deprecated,,,
  • CB-4725 Cordova version is now available to native plugins through CordovaWebView.CORDOVA_VERSION
  • CB-4652 Support for custom application templates for the create command
  • CB-3819 Made it easier to set SplashScreen delay.
  • CB-4013 Fixed loadUrlTimeoutValue preference.
  • CB-4096 Implemented new unified whitelist for android
  • CB-4133 Add main thread warning for plugins that run too long
  • Made it easier to use custom subclasses of WebChromeClient and WebViewClient

For a full list of changes, refer to the Android

What's new in iOS

There were 50 commits to iOS since 3.0.0. The focus, of course, was support for iOS 7 and Xcode 5.

  • CB-3020 Several fixes to HideKeyboardFormAccessoryBar and KeyboardShrinksView (still not perfect though)
  • CB-4801 Add new iOS 7 properties for UIWebView in the config.xml <preferences>
  • CB-4539 Can now create CDVViewController in Storyboard
  • CB-4654 Allow default project template to be overridden in create
  • CB-4095 Unified whitelist implementations
  • CB-4486 Give iOS plugins the ability to override URL loading
  • CB-4408 Modify cordova/build script to build for device (armv7/armv7s)
  • CB-3005 Add support for query parameters in StartPage url
  • CB-4355 Localstorage plugin handles options incorrectly (the settings key is specified with upper case chars)

For a full list of changes, refer to the iOS

What's new in BlackBerry

There have been 48 commits to the BlackBerry platform since 3.0.0. Many performance and stability improvements were introduced. Other notable changes include:

  • CB-4876 Removal of playbook implementation
  • CB-4812 Support for "default" value in the orientation preference
  • CB-4544 Adds a --query flag to query the user for their password when we need it
  • CB-4563 Migrated parameters to preferences
  • CB-4344 Auto-detect started simulator
  • CB-4342 Detect USB connected device
  • CB-4076 Modified config-parser to default to the uri attribute

What's new in Windows Phone 7 & 8

Defects closed:

  • CB-3177 Remove <plugin> support in config.xml and remove deprecation notice in WP8
  • CB-3176 Remove <plugin> support in config.xml and remove deprecation notice in WP7
  • CB-4385 Tooling scripts fail when there are spaces in the path name
  • CB-4350 Bad errors when trying to add win* platforms on mac
  • CB-4421 WP8 Project - XHRHelper.HandleCommand failing with 'System.InvalidOperationException
  • CB-4807 WP7 + 8 cannot handle parsing config.xml with namespaces
  • CB-4526 Windows Phone 7+8 build script with no flags should call clean first
  • CB-4850 Apache Cordova Apache Cordova
  • CB-4850 WP7 startup optimization

Other changes include:

  • Platform script improvements, removed case-sensitive ms-build version
  • Checks affecting some international users.
  • Added hash removal to injected js for backbone + jQuery Mobile routes

What's new in Windows 8

Windows 8 support has been added to cordova-cli, so you can now run:

cordova platform add windows8

All plugins were broken out into the respective repositories. All plugins are fully supported to be installed/uninstalled with plugman, and cordova-cli.

Supported plugins include:

  • org.apache.cordova.console
  • org.apache.cordova.device.motion
  • org.apache.cordova.device.orientation
  • org.apache.cordova.device
  • org.apache.cordova.dialogs
  • org.apache.cordova.file-transfer
  • org.apache.cordova.file
  • org.apache.cordova.geolocation
  • org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser (some limitations because of iframe use and security model)

What's new in Firefox OS

Firefox OS support has been added to cordova-cli, so you can run:

cordova platform add firefoxos

Firefox OS support is still in the very early phases of development. We will continue to work towards adding support for all of cordova's APIs. Currently, Firefox OS support only two plugins:

  • org.apache.cordova.vibration
  • org.apache.cordova.device