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Cordova Android 13.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
23 May 2024

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Android 13.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Android applications.

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android@13.0.0

To install:

cordova platform add android@13.0.0

Release Highlights


  • Increased Target SDK

    This release has increased the target SDK to 34 (Android 14).

  • Increased Android Studio Requirement

    Android Studio Jellyfish is required if building and running from Android Studio.

  • Required Build Tools

    To use cordova-android@13, SDK Platform 34 and SDK Build Tools 34.0.0 must be installed. Older build tools version can be uninstalled if older versions of cordova-android is no longer used in your projects.

    To install SDK Platform 34:

    1. Open Android Studio's SDK Manager:
    2. Click on SDK Platforms tab
    3. Check Android 14.0 ("UpsideDownCake") which has the API Level of 34
    4. Click Apply

    Android SDK Platform

    To install SDK Build Tools 34.0.0:

    1. Open Android Studio's SDK Manager:
    2. Click on SDK Tools tab
    3. Check Show Package Details
    4. Expand Android SDK Build-Tools
    5. Check 34.0.0
    6. Click Apply

    Android SDK Build Tools

  • Project Dependencies

    The following project dependencies were bumpped:

    • Kotlin: 1.9.24
    • Gradle: 8.7
    • Android Gradle Plugin (AGP): 8.3.0

    If you or a plugin has made changes to any of the following configuration preferences, the build results might not match the expected outcomes with this release:

    Preference Default Value
    android-minSdkVersion 24
    android-maxSdkVersion Not set
    android-targetSdkVersion 34
    android-compileSdkVersion android-targetSdkVersion configured value
    android-buildToolsVersion 34.0.0
    GradleVersion 8.7
    AndroidGradlePluginVersion 8.3.0
    GradlePluginKotlinVersion 1.9.24

    Please take note of the versions that have been updated in this release. If you have manually modified any of these values, it is recommended to review and update the preference values accordingly.

  • Increased Java Requirement

    The Java Development Kit (JDK) requirement has been increased to version 17 due to the new versions of dependencies and tooling previously described.

  • Removed kotlin-android-extensions

    kotlin-android-extensions will no longer be checked out when kotlin is greater than or equal to version 1.8.0.


  • Added SplashScreenBackgroundColor Preference Support

    Added support for a general preference to be consistent across platforms for setting the splash screen background color.

    The following order of priority is applied when it comes to the Cordova Android platform:

    • AndroidWindowSplashScreenBackground preference
    • SplashScreenBackgroundColor preference
    • BackgroundColor preference
    • #ffffff hardcoded
  • Add Camera Intent Support for File Input Capture

    Allows user to access and use the camera when the HTML file input tag contains the capture flag.


      <input type="file" capture />
  • Added ResolveServiceWorkerRequests Preference Support

    Added a preference that makes it possible for service worker requests to go through the asset loader. By default this is enabled.

    This can be disabled with the following preference.

      <preference name="ResolveServiceWorkerRequests" value="false" />

Please report any issues you find on our Cordova-android GitHub issue tracker!

Changes include:

Breaking Changes:

  • GH-1678 feat!: API 34 Support
  • GH-1543 feat!: bump kotlin@1.9.24 & drop kotlin-android-extensions when kotlin >=1.8.0


  • GH-1700 feat(splash): Support SplashScreenBackgroundColor preference
  • GH-1609 feat: add camera intent with file input capture
  • GH-1696 feat: Add ResolveServiceWorkerRequests preference

Chores, Dependencies & CI:

  • GH-1677 chore(deps-dev): bump @babel/traverse from 7.22.10 to 7.23.2
  • GH-1713 dep: bump npm dependencies 20240515
    • semver@7.6.2
    • rewire@7.0.0
    • nopt@7.2.1
    • jasmine@5.1.0
    • fs-extra@11.2.0
    • fast-glob@3.3.2
    • dedent@1.5.3
    • @cordova/eslint-config@5.1.0
    • which@4.0.0
    • properties-parser@0.6.0
    • android-versions@2.0.0
  • GH-1711 ci: Set up CodeQL analysis w/ fixes
  • GH-1687 ci(release-audit): add license header and dependency checker
  • GH-1703 ci: update codecov@v4 w/ token