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Cordova Plugin InAppBrowser 6.0.0 Released!
23 Nov 2023

We are happy to announce that we have just released an update to cordova-plugin-inappbrowser!

Release Highlights

This is a new major version with breaking changes which requires at least cordova-android@10.0.0 and cordova-ios@6.0.0. Make sure to check and update your platforms.

The most notable improvements in this major release are:

  • Permission requests for Android
  • Removal of deprecated code and platforms
  • Make WebView inspectable on iOS
  • Make system open tel, sms, mailto and geo links on iOS

Please report any issues you find on GitHub!

Changes include:

  • GH-1033 chore: bump to next major release 6.0.0 & update deependencies
  • GH-1032 chore(lint): update eslint config and apply fixes
  • GH-1030 fix!: remove deprecated platforms Windows & osx
  • GH-1031 fix(ios): Remove deprecation warnings and old code
  • GH-927 fix: explicitly import dependencies, instead of relying on PCH files. This is important in Swift projects, where you cannot use prefix headers.
  • GH-968 GH-706 Android: Allow permissions requests
  • GH-1029 chore: update asf config
  • GH-1019 feat(android): Download event
  • GH-1020 ci(gh-action): Paramedic CI sync
  • GH-1015 feat(ios): Make WebView inspectable
  • GH-1016 chore: use https urls in tests and README
  • GH-1017 chore: Update template
  • GH-977 fix(docs): missing xml indicator in code block
  • GH-971 ci: sync workflow with paramedic
  • GH-964 dep(npm): bump package-lock v2 w/ rebuild
  • GH-957 ci(android): update java requirement for cordova-android@11
  • GH-946 fix(android): increase toolbar to 48dp
  • GH-912 ci(ios): update workflow w/ iOS 15
  • GH-907 ci: add action-badge
  • GH-906 ci: remove travis & appveyor
  • GH-903 ci: add gh-actions workflows
  • GH-861 fix(android): add space between default useragent and custom AppendUserAgent
  • GH-881 fix(ios): make system open tel, sms, mailto and geo links