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Cordova iOS 7.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
10 Jul 2023

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova iOS 7.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building iOS applications.

Upgrade steps:

cordova platform remove ios
cordova platform add ios@7.0.0

New install steps:

cordova platform add ios@7.0.0

Release Highlights

Breaking Changes

  • Removal of podspec type from framework tag

    Since Cordova-iOS 5.0.0, the new podspec tag was added to improve the readability and support of features that CocoaPods provided.

    This release officially removes the old type="podspec" implementation of the framework tag. If you maintain plugins and still using the framework tag to load pod specs, it is recommended to migrate to the newer implementation.

    For implementation specifications, please see our Apache Cordova - Podspec docs.

  • Removed default CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR overrides

    This will change the location of where the output files are generated.

    • build/emulator will become build/Debug-iphonesimulator
    • build/device will become build/Release-iphoneos

    This will help ensure that debug and release files are never mixed up in the same directory and improves support for macOS maccatalyst builds.

  • Update supported NodeJS versions

    We have dropped support for NodeJS 14.x and increase the minimum NodeJS requirement to greater than or equal to 16.13.0.

  • Dropped Platform Binaries

    We no longer supply or package platform-centric workflow binaries in the cordova-ios npm package or GitHub repository.

    Please use the cordova CLI tool for managing your Cordova project plugins and platform configuration.

  • Rename Images.xcassets to Assets.xcassets

  • Remove deprecated API colorFromColorString from CDVViewController
  • Remove the CDVCommandDelegateImpl class from public API

New Features

  • Added LimitsNavigationsToAppBoundDomains preference configuration

    This preference allows you to use cookie authentication or browser APIs but requires the value to be set to YES. The default value is NO.

  • Support Apple Cloud Distribution Signing

    Apple Cloud Distribution Signing allows using AppStore Connect API keys to automatically manage the distribution signing certificate and provisioning profiles. With Cordova-iOS 7.0.0, you can specify AppStore Connect API credentials in build.json or as command-line parameters to the cordova tool.

    These options are authenticationKeyPath, authenticationKeyID, and authenticationKeyIssuerID, and they work in combination with the existing automaticProvisioning option.

  • Enable Mac Catalyst Support

    Apps built with Cordova-iOS can now target macOS using the Catalyst runtime. This can be enabled by checking the "macOS - Catalyst" checkbox in the Xcode project settings and then building for the macOS target in Xcode.

    Currently, building for Catalyst from Cordova's command-line tool is not supported.

Please report any issues you find on our Cordova-iOS GitHub issue tracker!

Change Log


  • GH-1340 chore!: Remove podspec support from framework tag
  • GH-1310 feat!: Remove some Xcode build dir overrides
  • GH-1305 dep!: bump all possible dependencies w/ node engine requirement update >=16.13.0
    • semver@7.4.0
    • plist@3.0.6
    • fs-extra@11.1.1
    • cordova-common@5.0.0
    • nopt@7.1.0
    • which@3.0.0
    • @cordova/eslint-config@5.0.0
    • jasmine@4.6.0
    • rewire@6.0.0
  • GH-1180 refactor!: drop platform binaries
  • GH-1169 chore!: Rename Images.xcassets to Assets.xcassets
  • GH-1161 chore!: Breaking API cleanups
  • GH-1182 dep(dev)!: bump eslint w/ corrections
  • GH-1181 dep!: use latest dependencies
    • nyc@^15.1.0


  • GH-1249 feat: Add LimitsNavigationsToAppBoundDomains configuration key
  • GH-1320 feat: add listTarget api & revert original bin file location
  • GH-1266 feat(plugman): support framework link attribute
  • GH-1276 feat: Support Apple Cloud Distribution signing
  • GH-1210 feat: support extending export options
  • GH-1251 feat: support multiple provisioning profiles
  • GH-1186 feat(versions): print error messages, not error objects
  • GH-1168 feat(catalyst): Enable Mac Catalyst support
  • GH-1050 feat: add CDVWebViewEngineConfigurationDelegate
  • GH-1154 feat: Swift Package Manager support for CordovaLib


  • GH-1354 fix: Various ObjC/template cleanups
  • GH-1341 fix: Try updating Podfile deployment target on prepare
  • GH-1343 fix: Apply new Xcode flags consistently across test projects
  • GH-1126 fix: replace of podspec variables in Podfile
  • GH-1336 fix: Xcode 15 Beta
  • GH-1337 fix: make the WebView the first responder when it loads
  • GH-1326 fix: memory leak when removing the CDVViewController
  • GH-1312 fix(create): Ensure unix paths in Xcode project file
  • GH-1315 fix(splashscreen): positioning after rotation
  • GH-1295 fix(CDVPlugin): swift init
  • GH-1255 fix: import type definitions from obsolete cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • GH-1170 fix(bin/create): set failing exit code on failure
  • GH-1171 fix(spec/create): handle createAndBuild promises
  • GH-1140 fix: split xcode project location by env separator


  • GH-1206 refactor: platform version logic
  • GH-1204 refactor: move cordova minimum template
  • GH-1203 refactor!: do not copy JS lib to platform project
  • GH-1202 refactor: do not infer project root from script location
  • GH-1201 refactor(create): convert main implementation to class
  • GH-1200 refactor(create): sort functions in breadth-first call order
  • GH-1199 refactor(create): further cleanup
  • GH-1198 refactor(create): cleanup createProject
  • GH-1196 refactor: move project template out of bin w/ code changes
  • GH-1195 refactor(create): cleanup copyTemplateFiles
  • GH-1194 refactor(create)!: move apple_* binaries & cleanup copyScripts
  • GH-1193 refactor: cleanup create script
  • GH-1190 refactor: replace superspawn with execa
  • GH-1188 refactor: hide implementation of build & run
  • GH-1189 refactor(run): code cleanup
  • GH-1185 refactor(versions): DRY version binary code
  • GH-1167 refactor: Api class
  • GH-1158 refactor: replace copy-www-build-step script with build phase
  • GH-1032 refactor: update allow list name
  • GH-1116 refactor(projectFile): drop dependency on underscore


  • chore(rat): add auto generated xcode files to ignore list
  • GH-1339 chore: Remove unused BackupWebStorage preference
  • GH-1308 chore: remove long-unused codeSignResourceRules option
  • GH-1183 chore: remove unused and outdated listStartedEmulators
  • GH-1174 chore: remove stale coffeescript tests
  • GH-1173 chore: Remove unused imports from template
  • GH-1160 chore(swiftpm): Fix up CordovaLib Swift Package
  • GH-1034 chore: remove more deprecated UIWebView things
  • GH-1145 chore: npmrc
  • GH-1129 chore: rebuild package-lock.json to address reported npm audit vulnerabilities
  • GH-1105 chore: add undeclared dependency underscore


  • GH-1197 build: build cordova.js during npm prepare
  • GH-1317 ci: add node 20.x
  • GH-1307 ci: Drop NodeJS 14 tests for non-darwin jobs
  • GH-1277 ci(workflow): update dependencies
  • GH-1271 ci: remove Node 10-12 & add Node 16-18.
  • GH-1237 dep: bump simple-plist from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
  • GH-1208 dep: bump jasmine@^3.10.0
  • GH-1187 test(version): merge two test suites into one
  • GH-1184 test(create): further increase timeouts to avoid false negatives
  • GH-1177 test(create): waste less time on name variants
  • GH-1179 test: simpler killing of running simulators
  • GH-1178 test(versions): increase test timeout when invoking pod
  • GH-1176 test(create): increase test timeout
  • GH-1133 doc: README improvements (cleaup, xcode debugging, etc)