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Cordova Android 12.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
22 May 2023

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Android 12.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Android applications.

Release Highlights

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android@12.0.0

To install:

cordova platform add android@12.0.0


  • Increased Minimum & Target SDK

    This release has increased the minimum supported SDK version to 24 which is Android 7.0. It also has increased the target SDK to 33, Android 13.

  • Build Tools

    To use cordova-android@12, SDK Platform 33 and SDK Build Tools 33.0.2 must be installed. Older build tools version can be uninstalled if older versions of cordova-android is no longer used in your projects.

    To install SDK Platform 33:

    1. Open Android Studio's SDK Manager:
    2. Click on SDK Platforms tab
    3. Check Android 13.0 (Tiramisu) which has the API Level of 33
    4. Click Apply

    Android SDK Platform

    To install SDK Build Tools 33.0.2:

    1. Open Android Studio's SDK Manager:
    2. Click on SDK Tools tab
    3. Check Show Package Details
    4. Expand Android SDK Build-Tools
    5. Check 33.0.2
    6. Click Apply

    Android SDK Build Tools

  • Project Dependencies

    The following project dependencies were bumpped:

    • Kotlin: 1.7.21
    • Gradle: 7.6
    • Android Gradle Plugin (AGP): 7.4.2
    • Google Services Gradle Plugin: 4.3.15
    • AndroidX App Compat Library: 1.6.1
    • AndroidX WebKit Library: 1.6.0
    • AndroidX SplashScreen Core Library: 1.0.0

    If you or a plugin has made changes to any of the following configuration preferences, the build results might not match the expected outcomes with this release:

    • android-minSdkVersion
    • android-maxSdkVersion
    • android-targetSdkVersion
    • android-compileSdkVersion
    • android-buildToolsVersion
    • GradleVersion
    • AndroidGradlePluginVersion
    • GradlePluginKotlinVersion
    • AndroidXAppCompatVersion
    • AndroidXWebKitVersion
    • GradlePluginGoogleServicesVersion

    Please take note of the versions that have been updated in this release. If you have manually modified any of these values, it is recommended to review and update the preference values accordingly.

  • Node Support

    We have dropped support for Node 14.x and increase the minimum Node requirement to greater than or equal to 16.13.0.

New Features:

  • Monochrome Support

    Android 13 has added Themed Icons support which is also known as Monochrome. This release has introduced support for Themed icons.

Please report any issues you find on our Cordova-Android GitHub issue tracker!

Changes include:


  • GH-1605 fix!: Make CoreAndroid plugin instantiate on load
  • GH-1539 feat!: bump Gradle 7.6 & AGP 7.4.2
  • GH-1571 feat!: bump min SDK to 24
  • GH-1538 feat!: bump target sdk & build tools for SDK 33 support
  • GH-1540 feat!: bump node engine requirement >=16.13.0
  • GH-1597 deprecate: CoreAndroid.getBuildConfigValue
  • GH-1541 dep(npm)!: bump acceptable modules w/ rebuilt package-lock
  • GH-1566 dep(npm)!: bump cordova-common@5.0.0


  • GH-1602 feat: add listTarget api
  • GH-1574 feat: add plugin hooks for WebViewClient.onRenderProcessGone
  • GH-1594 feat: bump default kotlin to version 1.7.21
  • GH-1550 feat: add monochrome app icon support
  • GH-1589 feat: InspectableWebview preference
  • GH-1568 feat: bump androidx.appcompat.appcompat 1.6.1
  • GH-1567 feat: bump androidx.webkit.webkit 1.6.0
  • GH-1547 feat: bump 4.3.15
  • GH-1546 feat: bump androidx.core.core-splashscreen 1.0.0


  • GH-1606 fix: Gradle Args parsing
  • GH-1575 fix(BuildHelper): get package name from ApplicationInfo
  • GH-1595 fix(test): Native test namespace refactor
  • GH-1471 fix: ANDROID_HOME is the new default, to check first and give advice
  • GH-1573 fix(GH-1432): Default content src when content tag is missing
  • GH-1506 fix: only do fadeout animation if FadeSplashScreen is true
  • GH-1505 fix: correctly flag API dependency on AppCompat for Maven
  • GH-1487 fix: Add Android prefix to WindowSplashScreenBrandingImage
  • GH-1489 fix: import type definitions from obsolete cordova-plugin-splashscreen

Chores, Refactor, Dependencies & CI:

  • GH-1493 chore: add lint:fix script for fixing lint errors
  • GH-1491 chore: Use gradle 7.4.2 distribution url
  • GH-1588 refactor: Removed obsolete version code checks
  • GH-1492 refactor: replace deprecated Handler constructor
  • GH-1587 dep: bump npm dependencies
    • fs-extra@11.1.1
    • nopt@7.1.0
    • @cordova/eslint-config@5.0.0
    • jasmine@4.6.0
  • GH-1607 ci: Added NodeJS 20.x to the workflow matrix
  • GH-1542 ci(workflow): update codecov/codecov-action@v3
  • GH-1532 ci: update codecov/codecov-action reporting format